London: A Much Needed Getaway

It’s been a busy year.  So when things opened up between the end of our summer church ministries, and before some of our fall ones kicked off, Jeremy and I decided to take a trip away.  Thankfully, family friends and family were available and willing to watch our kids.  So we did a little research and planning and that is how we’ve ended up here, in London.  

We started our adventures yesterday night on a red eye flight out of JFK.  We flew Norweigian Air, a no frills airline specializing in inexpensive international flights.  Ours was direct and only six hours to get us over to London.  The flight was good for the most part.  The pros were that it was a clean and newer plane, the seats were comfortable and they had individual screens with an array of movies and entertainment.  The cons weren’t so bad, like when a random stranger decided to switch seats and come to the one empty aisle seat in our row.  In her tiredness, she ended up pushing quite a bit over into my personal seat space.  It’s always a bit uncomfortable to have a stranger semi-cuddling up next to you, but I survived (mostly by then pushing into Jeremy’s personal seat space, but he didn’t mind, because well, I’m his wife).  Also, the food wasn’t great.  But besides that, and considering the deal we got, overall it was just fine.

On a side note, seeing the “no smoking” sign made me wonder who ever thought it was okay at one time to smoke on planes?  

I wasn’t able to sleep much on the plane, and instead watched Pan (which was fun since the story of Peter Pan is partly based in London) and then rewatched Juno.  That movie makes me cry at the end, so I was quietly wiping away tears as our plane landed safely in London.

We stood through customs which took a long time (for the record) and then had about an hour ride.  We slept a little on the ride and then were able to settle in and take a nap when we got to our hotel.  As excited as we were to be here, we were also super tired and have come to the point where we agree it’s better to sleep a bit than be zombies walking around the city.

We woke up and ventured out in search of a place for dinner.  We ended up at Wagamama, where I enjoyed some yaki soba and Jeremy got chicken teriyaki donburi.  Not super English, but it was very good and we were both glad to enjoy a nice meal together.

I gotta admit.  I love this man.  I fully know it’s an incredibly blessing to be able to take a trip like this and I wouldn’t rather be traveling the world with anyone else.  I’m so thankful for the time we have to explore the world together and for the ways that it helps and strengthens our marriage.

Afterwards, we picked up a few things that we needed at a British version of Rite Aid, and then enjoyed a nice walk back to our hotel where we Facetimed our kids and caught up on their day.

And that sums up our first day.  I’m going to do my best to blog while we are away because it’s such a great way for me member our adventures and it’s also fun to share the experience we will have with our friends and family.  Thanks so much for checking in!

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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