First, a correction.  In my last post, I shared that it was nine month since Michael’s accident, but in reality, it was only eight.  I completely did the math wrong.  It’s silly, but when Sally shared this with me, I felt bad for making that mistake.  She graciously pointed out that it was good in a way, because it meant that Michael would still get a month of progress in before completing that official ninth month.  So, there’s some positive perspective to appreciate and it was good to think of it that way as well.

We drove up to Kings Park this afternoon for a visit with Michael and Sally.  Michael had just finished up a doctor’s appointment and had a small break before starting his therapies.  Michael hummed at Jeremy as he bent down to talk to him, but then rested for the duration of our visit.  Which was totally fine.

It was so good to see Michael today.  It always is.  That doesn’t mean that it’s not hard, because sometimes it still is.  But I’m learning that hard can be good and I have to say that it really always is good to see and spend time with Michael.  Sally shared some beautiful encouragements that she had received that day.  They were spiritual encounters and it was very evident that God had placed the right people and used their words to touch her heart, just when she needed it.


Sally also shared a request that she asked me to share tonight.  First, a few details.  Michael is working hard at Rehab, but he continues to be up against a lot.  His condition is stable, but there have been setbacks here and there and these things have made his journey much more challenging in many ways.  Michael has doctors that are helping him and his family to work through some of these setbacks. One way that Sally shared is that at the end of the month, Michael will do a trial to see if he is a candidate for a baclofen pump.  Because of his brain injury, Michael has a lot of tension and spasticity in his muscles.  He’s been taking baclofen but having a pump would help his body get the medicine that he needs quicker and more directly to where it needs to be to help him in the most efficient way.  The trial will be able to tell Michael’s family if he is a candidate for this treatment.


To me, throughout this whole journey, it has been evident that God is working.  And I know that God is incredibly powerful.  So would you please join me in praying for Michael and that he might be a candidate for this baclofen pump?  It could be something that could help Michael be able to progress better and this would be a huge blessing to him.

James 5:16 says that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective and that is just what Michael needs right now.  Powerful and effective prayers.  Continued prayers for healing and for strength and peace for Michael’s family are also always appreciated.

Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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