A List of Things

This past Monday, marked seven months since Michael Einfeldt’s car accident.


It’s kind of hard to believe.  In some ways, the days and weeks and months have flown by.  But I know that there have also been seconds and minutes and hours that have seemed like an endless eternity while waiting and praying and hoping.

The kids and I drove up to see Michael yesterday.  And while I always look forward to seeing him and spending time with him, it is still always a bit hard to see someone that you love and care about, struggle.

Sometimes life is hard.  Sometimes it’s painful and sad and it may not seem like there is much to be thankful for.  But these are the exact times that we need to focus on being thankful.  Gratitude is a powerful tool.  It can completely shift perspective, from hopeless to hopeful.  It’s a truth teller and it brings into light what is real about our situations.  So today, I thought I’d take some time to share some of the things I’m thankful for, when it comes to Michael and everything that he has gone through.  Here goes..

  1.  He’s here.  Looking back at the picture of his car accident, it could have been a different story.  But God’s plan was that Michael would survive his accident and I’m really very thankful for that.
  2. He has the most incredible family support.  His Mom Sally has been by his side since the very beginning.  I’m pretty sure she only left the hospital once that first month or so.  Between his Mom, Dad and sister Sarah (his other sister lives in Canada) they have been with him around the clock every day.
  3. Sally‘s maternal instincts combined with her nursing knowledge.  It’s been inspiring to see how she’s been able to help Michael and advocate for his many needs throughout the months.
  4. Stony Brook Hospital’s ICU.  For the first three months, we were there most days.  The doctors, nurses and support staff took such good care of Michael and were able to get him to a place of stability so that he could leave for Rehab.
  5. Family, Friends and Strangers.  So many people have been praying for Michael since the beginning.  Some knew Michael from before his accident, but many did not.  The support from everyone has been an incredible encouragement to him and his family.
  6. Our Community.  A few weeks ago, I met four different people who all stopped me to let me know they were thinking of and praying for Michael.  It was a really good feeling to know that we are part of such a caring community.
  7. St. Johnland’s HIRU.  The HIRU stands for Head Injury Rehabilitation Unit.  It’s where Michael has lived for the past four months.  They have a great staff that has worked hard to get Michael better.
  8. And now some more specific things from Rehab.  One being Michael’s trach coming out and that area being completely healed.
  9. A new wheelchair for Michael.  When he first started Rehab, he had one that had a head rest support.  His new one doesn’t offer as much head support, which is great because it means that Michael is getting stronger.
  10. Pudding.  It’s the first and only food that Michael has had so far.  Sally shared that he’s had a few times now that he’s taken some tiny bites and been able to chew and swallow.
  11. Michael’s Smiley Face Pillow.  Mr. Keith Caputo with Helping Makes You Happy gave it to Michael when he was still in the ICU.  Michael uses the pillow a lot and it always makes me smile.
  12. Shoes.  The last few times we’ve seen Michael, he’s been wearing shoes and it just makes me smile because it’s a good step in the right direction.
  13. New Haircut.  Michael got one this week from our amazing friend Steve-O’s mom.  She cuts hair in Center Moriches and is actually very gifted in cutting people’s hair who have scars.  Michael’s haircut looked great.
  14. Letters for Michael.  Many people sent theirs to me and I printed them out and brought them to Michael and his family.  It was heartwarming to read them and a great encouragement in a tough situation.
  15. Emotions.  I’ve seen a few and heard (from others) about some new expressions and emotions that Michael is starting to show.  This is a very encouraging thing to see.
  16. Less Medication.  Michael’s had some changes in medication that Sally shared about yesterday.  This is a good thing, because it will help him to be more aware and we just pray that his body will adjust to it with no problems.
  17. Perseverance.  As with all things in life, sometimes it’s just about keeping on going no matter what.  There are so many elements of the need for perseverance on this particular journey.  The road to recovery with brain injury is long.  There are good times and there are tough times.  But it’s been encouraging to see Michael persevere and it’s something that we continue to pray for his family as they continue on.

To be honest, I could go on forever I think.  As difficult as it’s been, there are always so many things to be thankful for.  1 Thessalonians 5:18 says to give thanks in all circumstances, and I’ve learned that there is no better way to get through all circumstances than to focus my heart and make a list of the many things that I’m thankful for.

Please keep praying for Michael and for his family.  Thank you for checking in and please know that Michael is making progress and working so hard to recover.  We continue to pray for God to work miracles as He is the great healer.  We are so thankful to see how He has already worked and we trust and pray that He will continue to watch over Michael and his family.



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