Not a Jar Left

Okay, so I have good news, and then a story, and then a prayer request to share tonight.

Here goes:

The good news?  Today, Michael wore the speaking valve when he was up in his chair.  We had heard that this might be happening this week, and it totally happened today!  Sarah told me when I visited a few days ago, that this was a really big step for Michael.  In case you were wondering (and please pardon my very limited knowledge of these things) but the speaking valve is a special cap for Michael’s trach.  It could only be used when Michael was able to reach a certain level as fas as breathing while consistently keeping his blood oxygen levels at a certain number.  In practical terms, it means that Michael now has the ability to make noises because the airflow can come up through his vocal chords.  After nearly six months of not being able to make any sounds, this is kind of a big deal.

And for this, we praise Jesus.

Next, a story.  When I got ready to write tonight, I wanted to find a good verse to share that would be relevant for the prayer request that I will share.  I was in Psalms, but didn’t see anything jump out.  So I closed my Bible, and opened it randomly and ended up in 2 Kings, of all places.  Then my eyes scrolled down to Chapter 4, titled, “The Widow’s Oil.”  And I knew it was just what I needed to share.

To summarize, there was a widow who had lost her husband.  That alone would be horrible.  But her situation had gotten so bad that a creditor was going to come and take her two boys as slaves because she could not pay what she owed.  She cried out in her distress to Elisha, who was a prophet.

He asked how he could help and what she had in her house?

She replied that she had nothing, but a little oil.  So Elisha told her to go and ask for empty jars, and for a lot of them.  He told her to go to her home and shut her door and then to pour the oil in the jars and as each was filled to set it aside.

She did as he told her.  She collected jars and then shut her door.  She started to pour and God granted her a miracle so that the little oils she had continued to pour until it had filled up all of the jars.  She asked her son to bring her another jar, and he replied “There is not a jar left.”  At that point the oil stopped flowing.  She was able to go and sell that oil to pay her debts and then her and her sons lived off the rest.

Great story, right?  I loved the overall feeling of knowing that God provided for this woman who was in need.  Who was at her lowest.  Who was about to lose everything.  As I read, I wondered how many jars she collected?  If she collected many and truly believed that God would work for her, or if she sheepishly collected only a few not trusting that God would provide?  From the story, I think we can gather that she did trust God and that she collected enough jars to pay her debts but then also to live off the rest.  And bear with me while I do my best to connect this all together.

Michael’s accident has been so hard at times.  His situation has seemed almost hopeless at times and I know that it’s brought so many difficult times for the Einfeldt family.  But God has worked so faithfully.  God has provided and comforted and worked on Michael’s behalf.  And my final thought and prayer request for the night ties into this I truly believe.

Tomorrow, Michael and Sally have an appointment with his Neurologist.  And I don’t know all of the details, but I do know that it’s a significant one.  I know that it’s one that needs our prayers for so many reasons.  My prayer request is that God will work in miracles for Michael.  That He would show Himself and His work to Michael’s doctors.  It’s also for Sally and Mike.  That they would be encouraged, no matter what might be said.  And overall, just for God to continue being glorified throughout the difficulties of everything.

In our distress, we can call out to God.  But it’s also on us to have faith, like the widow, that He will work.  So I thought I’d ask tonight, that we could be praying in faith for Michael’s appointment tomorrow.  That we could have great faith and expect that God will provide and pour out blessings to fill every jar that we bring Him.  He will do this in our lives and we can all pray that He will do this for the Einfeldts as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this tonight… Please share and continue to lift our incredible friend Michael up.


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5 thoughts on “Not a Jar Left”

  1. Dear Lord, we pray for Michael and know that you are working in the background to lift barriers and comfort and heal. Please keep the hope of the family strong as your wind guides their ship.

  2. Do not the stories in the bible just incredibly fit almost all situations thst we face. My Grandma told me this – if you need an answer just let the bible open to where it wants. Your wuestion shall be answered. I have done it so many times but Sally’s story of when she did it just verified what Grandma said and now your story. GOD GIVES US WHAT WE NEED.

  3. I continue to pray for Michael and his family. It is amazing how the readings and passages you choose fit so well. That I feel lifted too. I also send the healing energy of God’s light and love to not only help Michael and his family, but to the doctors and nurses and staff that help care for him for strength, courage, knowledge and most of all, all to have and keep their faith in our Lord, for He is good.

  4. Continued thoughts & prayers for Michael! Thank you for the continued updates! The LORD works in mysterious ways & we shall never underestimate his ability to heal! Xoxo

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