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If I’m being honest, lately life looks a lot like a blur.  A blur of activities and people and things to get done.  Which is why I thought I’d write this post.  I thought I’d slow down for a few minutes and focus on a few of the things that have been going on this past week as a purposeful way to be grateful and to remember.  Here goes, in no particular order:

1. So a week ago today, we had our very last Hangtime of the school year.  We started up last September and running any program for nine months is a solid amount of time.  Throughout the year, we had 125 different students come to Hangtime at least once, and averaged 60 students each week.  We had about 30 different adult volunteers (thought the year) from our church and about20 different Jr. and Sr. High students who also came to help out as well.  I am definitely going to miss these amazing kids over the summer, but will look forward to seeing them again next fall.


2. I got this card and gift from one of our Hangtime families.  It made me smile, first because I loved the card.  And second, because of what the angel had engraved on it.  It says, “Teachers are angels in disguise.”  You may not know, but I do have my teaching degree and when I was in high school and even college always set it as my goal to be a teacher in the public schools.  My plans weren’t God’s plans and I never ended up teaching in a school setting.  But I know that God gave me my gifts for a reason.  Being able to run a K-6th Grade after school program has fulfilled that desire of my heart to teach kids, and I could not be more thankful.


3.  Last week, we threw a party to welcome the 6th graders to our Youth Group.  It was big and it was awesome and I loved seeing all of the amazing kids that came that night.  This year is kind of important for us because it’s the first year that Christian will be in our Youth Group.  We’ve anticipated this year for awhile, but now that it’s here, we are praying for wisdom as we maneuver having our son in our Youth Group.  We’ve been really excited to see that he’s excited to invite his school friends though and many of them came to the party and had a great time.


4.  It’s the end of the year for our elementary aged kids.  Which means lots of parties and field days and other fun activities.  Ellee had a great time at her 3rd Grade Field Day which was on Monday.  It was fun to see the creative competitions that the kids did this year.  The weather was beautiful and everyone had a fun day.


5.  Speaking of beautiful weather, we’ve finally had quite a stretch of it here on Long Island.  When the weather gets nice, I have this huge desire to get myself and our kids outdoors.  So a few days ago, we took a walk over to the Tuttle’s house down by the bay.  The kids brought their kits so see if they could fly them in the big field which is next to the Tuttle’s.  Unfortunately, the kite had a run in, first with telephone wires and then with the top of a huge tree.  Sadly, our kite didn’t make it off that tree, so we walked home a bit sad, our kite adventures over.


6.  Like many churches, our church runs a free VBS Kids Camp in August.  We got permission from our school district to hand out flyers to all four elementary schools.  So we printed about 1,700 flyers to be delivered to the schools.  Ellee graciously volunteered to be the counter (since we had to separate them into groups of 25).  She counted every one of those flyers and diligently placed them into their groups.  I dropped the flyers off to all four schools today and we pray that many children will be able to join us for VBS this year.


7.  It’s funny, but I see these bracelets everywhere.  And every time I see them, they make me smile.  They really are always a great reminder for me to pray for Michael and his family.  Things are going well and hopefully I’ll get up there tomorrow for my weekly visit.  I did talk to Sally and she shared some beautiful ways that God was helping her heart this week.  These days and weeks and months still hold so many challenges for Michael, but knowing that God is working is such an encouragement.


8.  And finally, flowers.  They are our new favorite way to surprise our friends and loved ones.  Ellee and I dropped off a bouquet to our friend Faye at Eastport’s Little Secret because we knew that she had recently had surgery.  And today, I picked up some beautiful ones from Bailstone Flowers for a friend who I met up with for lunch.  Bailstone is right next to my Hot Yoga studio and I’ve been wanting to go check it out for awhile now.  There was the sweetest woman there that helped me with a gorgeous arrangement and I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking for local flowers.


And that sums it up for now.  Thanks for stopping by and please bear with me and my blogging through this busy time of my life.  I’ve been blogging for just over five years now, and I’ve learned that it has to ebb and flow, with the ups and downs of life.  When things are busier, I always find it a bit harder to keep up, but overall am so thankful for the many great things going on and want to do my best to share as I’m able.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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