Dear Ellee’s Teachers

Dear Ellee’s Third Grade Teachers,

You are part of the good that is going on in the world.  And because there is just so much negativity going on these days and it’s so easy to lose focus, I wanted to take some time tonight, to acknowledge something that has brought so much good to our lives.  And it’s you.

Last September, our daughter woke up early for her very first day of Third Grade.  She wore a new dress that we bought for her and a huge pink flower in her hair.  She didn’t know much about her teachers, besides your names on a letter that we had received a few weeks before.


She was a little nervous that morning.  And it didn’t help that we weren’t positive on where to go to meet up with you.  So she was a bit teary when we finally walked up to the right line.  It probably didn’t take you all long to realize that she has a sensitive heart.  Thankfully, she saw some friends from last year and that seemed to do the trick.


She came home that first week pretty excited.  She told us how she had not one, but three teachers who were all nice to her.  I was very impressed when I got to meet you at the Open House and was excited along with Ellee for her Third Grade year.  I would go on to have different meetings with you throughout the year and this would only cause my appreciation for you all to grow and grow.


To Ms. O’Hagen.  First off, I hope we spelled your name right (Ellee was quite sure this is how it was supposed to be).  Thank you for being so nice to our daughter.  Every time I asked Ellee about you, she always mentioned how nice and kind you were.  Kindness is a hugely important characteristic of a great teacher, in my opinion.  So thank you for being kind and for setting such a great example for our daughter and for all of your students.


To Mrs. Black.  We were absolutely thrilled when we learned that you would be in Ellee’s classroom this year.


It was only last year that you were with Christian in his 5th Grade Class.  He always spoke highly of you.  I remember early on in the year that he wanted to dress up in his suit coat and bring flowers in for you.  You were fun and funny and sweet and you did a great job with Christian.


You were truly amazing with Ellee this year.  You were always so positive and encouraging. I personally really appreciated a few specific interactions that we had.  You were so helpful when Ellee decided that she wanted to take the Common Core Math tests.  I wasn’t sure what to think about it all, but your advice and encouragement was what we needed to give Ellee the opportunity to try.  That you texted me when she was finished was also just so awesome.  The other interaction that stood out to me was how kind you were to watch out for Ellee on the 3rd Grade field trip.  I felt like a bad parent for missing it, but you didn’t judge and again encouraged and even sent me pictures throughout the day so I knew she was okay.

You’re sweet and kind and caring and fun.  You are a light in the classroom and our family is just so thankful for you.  The support that you give your students goes a long, long way.  Thank you so much for being there for our daughter this year.


And finally, to Ms. Small.  Our first impression of you, was that you were the teacher who would be the right fit for our daughter.  You came highly recommended from her Second Grade teacher and we were thrilled to see your name as her teacher when we got the school packet.

Let’s be honest.  Third Grade was hard.  With Common Core making school super challenging, you definitely had your hands full teaching your classroom of over twenty different learners and doing your best to get them where they needed to be.  The struggle was very real for our family this year, as we came along side of our daughter doing our best to help her through a very tough year.

But she did her best.  And you did your best to help and encourage her through it all.  Little by little, Ellee learned and grew and came so far and much of that was because of you.


What we appreciated most about you was how you still did your best to make learning fun for your students this year.  You had so many themed parties and days and this really did make all the difference.  Ellee looked forward to those special days and they helped her to be excited about school and about learning.


As a parent, I was completely blown away at your end of the year Book Bistro Party.  I can’t imagine it was easy to do all of those book projects, but you did them with the students and they were just amazing.  It was evident that you put your heart into this year and we could not be more appreciative of your hard work.


At the end of the year party, it was so sweet to see your students come up around you and show you their love.  You made such a big difference in their lives and they will always remember how special their third grade year was.


Ms. O’Hagen, Mrs. Black and Ms. Small.  As parents, we trust you with what is most important to us, our children.  You have the opportunity to be an instrumental part in shaping who they are and what they will accomplish in this life.  Amazing teachers should be praised and acknowledged and so that is where this letter comes in.  Thank you so much for all that you did for our daughter and all of your students this year.


Laura Herr


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