Eastport’s Little Secret: Spring Things

So, yesterday I stopped in to see Faye Michaelides at Eastport’s Little Secret.


I was in a hurry and didn’t plan for enough time to get to look around as much as I would have liked to.  I quickly picked up a present for a friend but vowed I’d go back another day so that I could get a good look at all of the new and amazing things that they are carrying this Spring at my favorite hometown store.


That day was today.  This afternoon, I had just finished taking preschool pictures up in Southold so it worked out nicely that I had my camera with me.


I knew I had wanted to take a few pictures to share of these incredibly cute new bracelets.  They are called MantraBands and they come in silver and in gold.  This was the gift that I had picked up yesterday.  They are  beautifully made and I love the idea of having a nice reminder to wear everyday.


These are what the gold ones look like.  They are simple, but elegant and you can collect multiple ones to wear together.  They are my new favorite things and would make a great gift for any occasion.


Eastport’s Little Secret also had quite a few other cute bracelet selections.


I also really liked these Alex and Ani Kindred Cord bracelets.


With Spring and then Summer quickly approaching, there are always gift giving opportunities to consider.  Bridal and Baby Showers, Teacher Gifts or gifts for any occasion can easily be found at Eastport’s Little Secret.  For the tea drinker in your life, you could check out the Tea Forte section.  I know that these teas are high quality and would make a great gift.


The Lotus mug was something that also caught my eye.  I’m a huge fan of loose leaf teas, and this beautiful mug comes with it’s own stainless steel strainer.


Eastport’s Little Secret also has a children’s section with a great selection of gifts that little kids dream of.  Ellee loves coming up to shop with me, and she usually has her eye on about ten things that she would love to have.



She got one of these sweet little hamsters last time we were there together.  They are ridiculously cute and she absolutely adored hers.  She made it a little house and brought it everywhere.  I think it might be because she secretly knows we would never actually buy a real hamster so she figured she’s have her fun with a pretend one.


I know quite a few Preschool and Elementary School Graduations that are coming up, so if you’re looking for a fun little gift for your graduate, check this guy out.


Okay, so I’ll be honest.  I have no idea what these things are.  But apparently, they are growing in their popularity and Faye wanted to share that they now have them available at her wonderful store.  I came home with one for Ellee and she was delighted.  They appear to be these cute little interchangeable chapstick keepers.  So if you happen to be in the market for something like this, you now know where to find it.


I think that my favorite part of Eastport’s Little Secret is that there is something for just about everyone.


Towards the back there is a rack of fun and fashionable handbags.  I’ve had my eye on this one for quite some time now.  Faye does a wonderful job of picking out beautiful and unique items to carry in her store.


There are a few tables full of fun summer items.


I mean seriously.  How cute is this crab platter?


There is also an entire section of cute and memorable Bridal gifts as well.


And even a little something for that special guy in your life.


So, whether you’re looking for a Macaroon Keepsake box


Or a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry…


Chances are, Eastport’s Little Secret has something that you’d love!  Eastport’s Little Secret is located right on our sweet little main street, nestled in between Luigi’s Pizza and the Barber Shop.  It’s a small town business so when you shop, you’re not supporting some corporate giant.  You’re supporting an incredible woman whose daughters attend ESM and who has a great love for our little community.  She’s hard working and I guarantee that you won’t find a kinder or sweeter shop owner than Faye Michaelides at Eastport’s Little Secret.


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