Rooftop Cots

This is Christian Migliara.

Eleven years ago, he was this awesome high school student that we all knew and loved.


He came to our Youth Group with a group of his friends.  And from there, got involved and became pretty solid.  We even took him with us on our first Missions Trip to Brazil.


He always had this fun-loving personality


And was always up for adventure.


We really enjoyed some great years with Christian.  He was a good kid with a good heart and we loved having him around.


We’d end up taking him to DCLA


And Hershey Park as well.



And we also enjoyed a few great years of Breakaway with him.


 He stayed pretty close with that same group of friends and is still close with many of them to this day.


Years would pass after Christian graduated, but ever so often we’d get to see him and catch up on how things were going.  And when I recently heard about Christian and the new product that he was launching, I had to do what I could to help him get the word out.

Basically, our amazing friend Christian Migliara started up his own business called Rooftop Cots and they make these awesome removable hammocks for Jeeps.  They just launched a Kickstarter Campaign which you can check out here.  You can find more details about Rooftop Cots and how you can be one of the first to get your hands on one, just in time for a beautiful Long Island Summer.  As a bonus, these incredible hammocks are handmade with love and care right in the USA.

So, if you own a Jeep, or know someone who does, or you just want to support an incredible guy living out his dream, check out Rooftop Cots!  We would love to be able to show an incredible outpouring of love and support for Christian and this awesome business.


*Photo Credit: Rooftop Cots Facebook Page

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