Michael’s doing well.  He’s been at St. Johnland’s Rehab for just over a month now.  It seemed like it was a bit of a rocky start, but now a month in, things are going much smoother.

One the past month, our family has changed pace, from daily visits up to Stony Brook, to now around two or three times a week visits to Kings Park.  Sometimes, it seems strange to not be there for the day to day, but it was probably something that needed to change and it’s okay.  I drove up to fit a quick visit in on Tuesday and then Jeremy and our friend Zack Skarka spent the afternoon up there today.

I only got to see Michael briefly on Tuesday, since as I was coming, he was heading out for a therapy session.  He has these two incredible Physical and Occupational Therapists that work with him as well as another therapist for Speech.  And little by little, he is making gains.  In the world that I’m learning when it comes to traumatic brain injury, these gains can be small, but they are significant and something to be noted and grateful for.  Jeremy told me that he and Zack had a really nice visit today with Michael and with Sally as well.  Sally and Sarah have both shared with me how important it is for Michael to have his friends come to visit him and I’m so glad that we can help in this area.

This afternoon, at Hangtime, we talked about how everything we do should bring glory back to God.  Because as per James 1:17, He is the one who gave us the good and perfect gifts that we have in life in the first place.  And it actually made me think about Michael.  Though I wouldn’t say that his accident was good, I will say that I’m so thankful to continue to see the ways that God has worked good into his situation.  Michael continues to be a light for God in a world that is full of so much hurt and pain.  His life and his story have touched so many lives including many who have never met him.  And I think that my encouragement for the night, is to know that if Michael can be a light, in spite of everything that has happened, that is a pretty spectacular thing.


If you have a personal faith in Jesus, you are a light as well.  God wants to use you to encourage and uplift others.  We never know just exactly how this will look, but I think it’s something good to be aware of.  Knowing we have purpose and knowing we can help others is motivation for us to start doing just that.

Sometimes, when I talk to Michael, I ask him if he knows how much God loves him.  He always responds with his double blink of affirmation and this makes my heart so glad.  Before his accident, Michael lived his life as a light for Jesus and he continues to, just in a way that we never expected.  Please continue to pray for Michael and that God would continue to use him to be a light to others.  Please pray for God to work miracles when it comes to his rehab and for the strength and peace that his family continues to need as they love and support Michael.  And finally, I just wanted to thank you all again, from myself, from Sally and from their entire family for the love and support and prayers that you have given during these past four months.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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