We met the Albano’s son James the first summer we came to New York about thirteen years ago.  We took him to a Youth conference called DCLA and had a great week all together.


We’d end up getting to know him more through Youth Group.  He was a nice kid who was a hard worker and had quite a bit of drive.


He played volleyball for Center Moriches and was a great athlete as well.


The Albano family attended Eastport Bible Church, so we also got to spend time with James there as well.


James came to a lot of our Youth Group events, including Breakaway.


And then, in 2005, he joined us for a Missions Trip to Brazil.


He worked hard on that missions trip.


And it was great to see the ways that God worked in his heart as he served others.


He’s join us again for another DCLA Conference


As well as a few more years of Breakaway.  We really loved the years that we had with James.  He was always a great kid who was solid and had a good heart and a passion to work hard.  This hard work and dedication would eventually lead him to become a pilot through the Air Force Academy where he attended after high school.


And it seems like it was just about the time that James graduated, that we inherited his amazing sister Lauren.


Lauren had the sweetest heart and was friendly and kind to everyone.


She also got very involved with our Youth Group and we enjoyed seeing her grow in many ways as well.


We’d end up taking Lauren to Puerto Rico on a Missions Trip.


She was hardworking,  very fun loving and had a great drive to serve God and others.


We’d go on to enjoy many years and many activities with Lauren as well.  She attended quite a few Breakaways with us.


And was always up for having fun.


Lauren would go on to attend Maritime College after high school.


So we enjoyed seeing her on breaks when she would stop by for our College and Career Group.


I can’t express just how thankful I am to know Lauren and James Albano.  Both of these kids have the best hearts and such beautiful drive and passion in life.  Over the years since they graduated and entered life as young adults, we continued to enjoy seeing the great things that they would go on to do.  I also enjoyed making them take sibling pictures whenever I could catch them and for the most part, I don’t think they minded too much.


I think the main reason that Lauren and James turned out so well, was the love and driving force of their parents behind them.  Sandy and John Albano have been a key part of our Eastport Bible Church family.  They are both such amazing and incredible people that we have known and loved for many years.  Sandy is an art teacher and artist who is so incredibly talented.  John retired from being a detective for the Police force where he served for many years.  He’s currently an Elder at our church and just a wonderful man that we all know and love.

And he is the reason that I’m writing this post.

We learned this weekend, that they found a mass in John’s brain.  He was having a few complications and they found it when he went to the hospital a few days ago.  They have been doing tests, but it seems like the plan is for surgery in the days to come.


Please pray for John Albano.  He’s been the driving force behind the incredible kids that I just shared about.  He’s quiet, but strong and has a huge heart for his family, his friends and most importantly for God.  He has a strong faith, but is definitely going through some difficult days.


We got to stop in to see John today and were so thankful to see that he was in good spirits. He knows that God is with him, and has seen God’s hand already in the few short days that he’s been in the hospital.  He has his wife and his kids with him and an entire church and community that loves him and is praying for God to work through this difficult situation.


His beautiful wife Sandy has set up a Caring Bridge Page where she will share updates.  You can check in with the Albano’s here.

Please keep this beautiful family in your prayers.  We are praying that God will give them wisdom as they have to make decisions for the best course of action in the days to come.  We can pray that John’s surgery will be successful and that God will completely heal him.  We have a great God who loves John and his family and we just ask that we could continue to lift him up in prayer as he faces the days ahead.

Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.


  1. I will pray for this Amazing man and his family. I first met the Albano Family through Cub Scouts.John Jr was and is a very gentle Soul and respectful young man. He has great role models in his Parents. This is so unfair to this Family. Please know I am here for any form of help. I can cook, clean, shop anything. This would be an honor to pay back an Amazing Man and his Beautiful Family.

  2. Just too sad. And unbelievable. And adds to the communal grief our church is experiencing. We (if not I) need a sermon on why bad things happen to good people. My faith is strong but I need some reminders. Praying for John, Mike, Toni and everyone else in our church who has been through so much and too much pain.

  3. I worked with Sandy in South Country School and she taught my son at FPLong. She is a good friend to my cousin Kathy Daley. I will keep John and the Albano family in my prayers.

  4. To John and the entire Albano family, you are all in our thoughts and prayers. I had the pleasure of growing up across the street from John’s sister, Joanne. I have known the Albano/Brand Family for most of my life and they truly exemplify the meaning of family and faith…. God bless you all…Keeping you close in our hearts and prayers…. Much love, Patty, Flip, Kayleigh & Ella

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