To the Mom

So over the past year or so, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with some of the most incredible moms out there.  With tomorrow being one of our favorite holidays, I thought I would take time to say thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to some of the many wonderful moms I know.  Here goes.

Happy Mother’s Day!

To the Mom who trusted me… enough to take her sweet daughters to the beach just so we could capture a few of these precious moments in time.  I have many mom friends and ever so often they actually take me up on talking them into sessions with their kids.  Often times, we moms are the ones taking the pictures but at the same time unintentionally missing out on having great portraits of us with our kids.  If you’re one of these moms, give me a call, because I think I can help you out with this.


To the Mom who is pregnant…  Those nine months have their ups and downs but it’s always kind of amazing to think about how God made our bodies in the most wonderful way to carry and protect our sweet babies in the most incredible way.  Also, this beautiful mama looks like she could be expecting her first, but at the time was pregnant with her fifth!


To the Mom with kids in college…  I used to think that being a mom lasted a good 18 years or so, basically until you could send your kids off to college.  Boy, was I wrong.  Being a mom is a lifelong job.  And while it gets easier in some ways as your kids get older, it gets harder in other ways as you watch them try to navigate life as young adults.  But hang in there.  Be available to field those any time of the day or night calls, and keep on being the amazing mom that you are as your kids enter this new phase of adulthood.


To the Mom who is working hard…  Because we all know that being a Mom is a full-time job in itself.  So seeing moms that are working hard in their own businesses on top of everything else?  I’ll totally give credit where credit is due.


To the Mom who has to buy a truck/van to hold her humongous family…  Happy Mother’s Day to you (I can joke around a bit with this one, because she is my sister).  Not only do you rock that huge vehicle like no other and drive safely, like you were a professional trucker, you also do a stand up job of dressing your family in adorable and brightly colored, coordinated outfits.  Mom of the Year, for sure.


To the Mom who invests in other people’s kids…  Working in ministry, I’ve met quite a few of these moms.  Knowing the ways that they give of their time and energy is something that is very special to see.  They say it takes a village, so having other moms invest in our kids is something that is needed and something to be thankful for.


To the Mom who has gone through tough times…  This is my other beautiful sister Sarah.  After having her fifth baby, she had quite a few medical problems and actually almost lost her own life.  Thankfully, she was able to fight through it, but it certainly left its scars.  Sarah’s struggle has brought pain and even tears at times.  But God always works good, even in the most difficult of times.  And my sister continues to live a beautiful life, even in the midst of her hardships.


To the Mom who has a strong and beautiful faith…  We all need that Mom who will lift us up when we are down.  Gayle has alway encouraged me in this way and most importantly in my spiritual life.  She was the first friend that I had that would pray with me whenever I was struggling.  She encouraged me to have a deeper faith by the beautiful ways that she modeled her own faith and this is something that has made a huge difference in my life.


To the Mom who raised her boys to become hardworking and godly young men…  Because let’s be honest, it’s a pretty hard thing to do these days.  But seeing a mom work tirelessly to love and support her boys and then get to watch them grow into the most wonderful, driven, spiritually minded and godly individuals?  That is something that brings such hope and encouragement to so many including myself.


To the adoptive Mom…  I have a special place in my heart for moms who adopt.  I’ve always been so thankful for my adoption and for my mom being willing to open her heart to me and my sisters while raising us as though we were her very own.


To the Mom celebrating her child’s Sweet Sixteen…  Raising teenagers isn’t easy.  But being a mom who loves and supports her kids, even in their trickiest years is something to commemorate for sure.  I’ve known Lisa for quite a few years and one thing that is always a constant is her love and devotion to her children.


To the Mom willing to dress up like Elsa… To be honest, I don’t even know you.  But I saw you walking around with your sweet little Olaf last year and couldn’t help but take a picture.  You are most certainly doing motherhood right.


To the Mom of many daughters…  Happy Mother’s Day to you for sure!  Because we’re neighbors, I get to see your beautiful girls ever so often.  You’ve done a great job of raising them all to be strong and hard working young ladies.


To the Mom whose son is graduating this year…  Congratulations to you.  Graduation is a huge accomplishment and being a driving force behind your son is not an easy task indeed.  As you watch him put on a cap and gown next month and walk down the aisle to receive his diploma take a deep breath and remember it’s not the end, but the beginning.  You’ve laid a strong foundation, and now all you have to do is sit back and pray a lot as you trust God to do great things in your awesome son’s life.


To the Mom who lives far away…  It’s not easy being in different states from your kids.  But you do your best to keep in touch and to come and visit when you’re able.  Cherish the times that you get to have because they aren’t something that happens as often as you would like.  Having a mom that lives far away is hard (mine does) but I’m so thankful when she is able to come and visit and thankful for the fun times that we have when we’re together.


To the Mom teaching her kids about faith…  It’s not always an easy task, but it’s one of the most important things we can do.  We know first hand how hard life is, so teaching our kids to trust God is a gift that they will take throughout their entire lives.


To the adventurous Mom…  Keep including your child as you check those things off your bucket list.  Ky and I lived out our dream of going to Boston to check out Wahlburgers last year and were rewarded afterwards, when we walked over to Alma Nova and got to meet Paul Wahlberg.  Granted, she also does other awesome adventurous things, but this one was extra special because we got to go together.


To the Sports Mom…  Hang in there.  Yes, at times you may feel like you’re a taxi service as you drive your kids to their practices and games.  But in all reality, these times are a gift.  Someday they will realize your sacrifice, but for now, just keep making the most of it.  Cherish those car rides together.  Sure, your kids may never go past high school with their sporting careers, but having parents that love and support them will speak volumes throughout the rest of their lives.


To the Mom who is a Grandma…  You have a precious gift indeed.  Raising grandkids is at times much more fun than raising your own kids.  Because you can love and spoil them and then turn them back over to their parents.  You also get to help make fun memories that they will cherish forever.  Enjoy this time.


And to the Mom who is a Great, Great Grandma…  Now that is a wonderful and a beautiful thing.  My Grandma will be 98 this year and she is a true testimony to living a full and beautiful life.  She has children, and grand children, and great grand children and great, great grand children and we all love and appreciate her so very much.


To the Mom who is a Nana…  Because really there are all sorts of titles out there.  But in the end, they usually end up meaning someone who is cherished and loved by their grandkids.  It must be fun to see your children’s children and even though you are also a mom who is far away, know that we love you so very much.


To the Mom who is my Mom…  Happy Mother’s Day to you.  I’m so thankful for you and for all that you’ve done for me throughout my entire life.  I couldn’t have asked for a better mother and I love you so very much.


This was a long post.  And in reality, I didn’t even get to share with the hundreds and hundreds of other mothers out there.  There are all kinds of moms to love and honor on this Mother’s Day.  And for you, we are so thankful.

Being a mom, is the hardest and best thing that we’ll ever do.  It’s a 24 hour job, with no sick days or paid vacations.  It’s invigorating and exhausting and terrible and wonderful.  It will make you laugh and cry and sometimes both at the same time.

 But at the end of the day, it’s who we are.

We love and protect and encourage and support our kids in a way that is unique and special to us as moms.  Celebrate this day, you most certainly deserve it.  Know over all, that God loves you and that He created you to be exactly who you are and to do exactly what you are doing.

Happy, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!


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