Brotherly Love

So, according to Facebook, it’s National Sibling Day.  And I’m not sure if that’s a real thing, or a made up Facebook thing, but I suppose it doesn’t matter all that much.  It did make me want to look back a bit to find a few pictures of our sweet friends the Einfeldts and these are two that I came up with.


I’ve shared before, but from the first time that we met them, the Einfeldts were a special family to us.  I loved hearing the story of the first time that we met Michael.  We had been invited over to the Einfeldt’s home where we met him and Sarah.  And later Michael told us that his first impression of us was trying to figure out how his sister (who was in high school at the time) now had friends, who had kids.

Over those years, we would grow to love Katelyn, Sarah and Michael.  They each had such unique personalities but together they were just so incredible.  They had a sibling bond that was one of the strongest that we had seen in our years of youth ministry.  They always looked out for each other and had this incredible love for each other that was so strong and so evident whenever they were all around each other.


I know that that bond lives on so strongly these days.  Since Katelyn is married and up in Canada, she’s had to show her love and support from a distance.  The times that she’s come down to be with Michael have been so good as well.

And Sarah has been able to be a constant by Michael’s side throughout these past three months.  My favorite times have been seeing her interact with Michael.  She always seems to be in tune with what he needs and has been a strong advocate for him in so many ways.

My Dad always said, “Your friends will come and go, but your siblings are forever.”  And that truth has grown more real to me over the years.  Because my friends have come and gone, but my sisters have been my constant all throughout my life.  And this has been true for the Einfeldt family as well.  So tonight, in honor of Facebook and of Sibling Day, I’ll pay tribute to the incredible bond that Michael has with both of his awesome sisters.

There’s this verse in the Bible that talks about how God wants us to love each other.  He talks about this idea of “brotherly love” being the way that we should be devoted to each other.  It’s a beautiful picture of a deeper bond and I love the picture that it paints.  The same verse ends with the command that we are to honor one another above ourselves and the idea that living selflessly is the best way to act when we interact with those around us.


I was able to hear from Sally today, who shared that the doctors think that they have an idea with how to help Michael.  This was a great answer to prayer.  Things are looking to be good with his shunt and so he was able to get treatment for the other issues that are causing him pain and discomfort.  Please pray for Michael and that the doctors can get everything straightened out so that he can get a better and stronger start in Rehab.

Thanks so much for your prayers, and Happy Siblings Day!

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