All Things New

Today I got the opportunity to go and see Michael at Rehab and it was pretty awesome.

I also found a picture from the time that Jeremy and I went to Eastport South Manor High School to pick up Christmas gifts from the Stuff-A-School Project.  We were waiting to talk with one of the coordinating teachers when I looked up and saw Michael.  I was so excited to see him and went over to give him a hug when I was stopped by the security guard.  Apparently he was not a fan of me (as a random stranger) entering into the school to say hi to Michael.  And I was mostly okay with that.  Because I knew that someday our kids would be at that high school and knowing that they are strict with safety was overall a good feeling.


But back to today.  Thankfully, there were no security guards telling me that I couldn’t go and say hi to our friend Michael at his new Rehab.  There were a lot of friendly and kind people though, and that was pretty great to see.

When we got there (Sarah drove up with me), Michael was just finishing up with two of his new therapists.  They were very positive and it was clear that they already had a plan in place to get Michael started.  When they left, we got to say hello to Michael who was a bit tired out from his physical therapy.

It was really cool to be able to see Michael in his new room at Rehab.  It was much more like a dorm room than a hospital room, so that gave it a great feeling already.  We caught up with Sally who shared that she and Michael had had a pretty sleepless night.  Michael ended up having to go back to Stony Brook because of a medicine mishap, which made his first day a little crazy.  Thankfully he got the medicine that he needed and was good to go.

I wasn’t able to stay for a long time, since I had a photography session to get back home for.  I did get the chance to spend a few moments with Michael when he woke up and was so thankful to see him sharing some long blinks as I caught up with him having not seen him for a few days.  Again, I told him how we all are praying for him and how much we all loved him.  I think it’s so important for him to know the incredible support and prayer team that he has behind him.

And then, right before I left, the coolest thing happened.  A few of Michael’s new nurses had just come in to help him get dressed and ready for the afternoon.  (Quick note on that… Today was the first day in three months that Michael wore regular clothes.  Because he was in the ICU, he spent those three months rocking a blue hospital gown.  Anyhow, if you saw the post from a few days ago, he ended up wearing the yellow Chewbacca shirt and he looked awesome in it and I was just so excited for him since it must have been nice for a change).  Back to my quick story.  As they were coming in, I asked if they minded if I took a minute to pray with Michael.  They said that would be fine.  So I went over to Michael.  Sally and Sarah joined me.  And when I looked up, the two nurses that came in took off their gloves and held hands with us as well!  It was just such a cool moment.  We all held hands and prayed over Michael for strength and healing.  It was a very special moment and I just have such a good feeling about the people that are going to be working with Michael over these next months.


In Revelations, there is this verse where God says, “I am making all things new.”  In it’s context, it’s talking about the end, where he creates a new Heaven and Earth.  But I also think it applies to how God works in our daily lives and definitely to new beginnings like the one that Michael is having as he starts Rehab.

I’m so thankful for a God that not only loves us, but one that creates new and beautiful things in our lives.


Please continue to pray for Michael and his family.  Sally was especially close to my heart today, knowing that she and Michael got very little sleep last night.  Prayers for extra strength for her would be greatly appreciated.  And just for Michael as he adjusts to Rehab and a new setting.  Please pray for his nurses and doctors that they would be able to best see the ways that they can help him.

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  1. Oh the power of prayer!! Such a good feeling when health care workers join in. When my husband had prostate cancer surgery the doctor stopped to see him in pre-op and asked to join hands and pray before surgery. What a calming feeling. Recently we both had cardiology appointments and when we left his office he shook hands with us and said “God Bless”!

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