Keep Praying

We drove up to the hospital after spending the morning at church and then enjoying an incredible salmon lunch that Jeremy’s Mom cooked for us.  And when we walked into the hospital, we did so in a most cheery way.  Because today was the day that we got to bring Michael and his family balloons and a special basket from Keith Caputo, founder of Helping Makes U Happy.


We met up with them when we stepped off the elevator.  They were waiting for Michael to get a few things done, and so we got to deliver the balloons and basket to Sally right away.  Sally enjoyed the basket so much and she and Sarah agreed that Michael would really enjoy using all of the great things that it held.


Michael was resting when we got to his room.  So Sally took some time to show me her notes from the day.  She and Michael watched a Charles Stanley sermon this morning.  Sally read through some of the verses that had encouraged her that morning.  I giggled when she explained that the reason the note pad was in such sad shape was that it had been used so much and also gotten a little coffee spilled on it.  I personally thought that it looked quite loved.  I know that those verses and those words have been such a wonderful source of encouragement throughout this difficult time.


She also shared the devotion that she had read that day.  It was a beautiful one, about how David called out to the Lord in difficult times.  How we needed to praise God in times of plenty and in times of want, because both would draw us closer to our Savior.

If you’ve followed Michael’s story for the past almost three months, you’ve seen the challenges that have come and gone.  You’ve seen a little bit of the heartache and the joys and the successes and the fears.  And just as the devotion shared, all of these things are what brings us closer to God.


It’s funny how often Michael comes up throughout my day.  In church this morning, one of our ushers pulled me aside to tell me that he reads each day about Michael.  Our sweet kids pray for him at every meal and before they go to bed.  And tonight, two of Michael’s friends were in our living room, at Living Room (our Sunday Night small group).  And when I looked over, I noticed that they were both sporting their Strength and Prayers for Michael bracelets.

You see, Michael is always so very close to our hearts.  This whole journey has been so hard and has touched so many lives.  There have been so many emotions throughout this entire thing, but all of this is drawing us closer to God as we trust Him to work good for our friend Michael.


Michael was okay today.  He’s still working through the effects of just having had another brain surgery, I think.  It was good to see him, as it always is.  But it was hard tonight, and hard even now as I sit here trying to put my thoughts into words for this post.  It’s hard because in all of the ups and downs, at the end of the day, this is still a really difficult situation.

So all I can say, is that I will keep praying.  I will keep trusting.  I will do my best to do what I can to love and support Michael and his family and his friends.

Our God is a great one.  He is faithful to the many promises that He gives.  And tonight, I will rest in those truths.


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