Press On

I thought I’d share a video from what was probably one of Michael’s first Youth Group nights with us.  It was 2011 and we had just kicked off the beginning of our year.  That night, we played a quick game of Animal Charades right before the lesson.  Michael was a great sport both for acting and for guessing the right animal that was being acted out.  I thought I’d include a quick video of the game since re-watching it made me smile.

As I’ve mentioned, Jeremy’s parents are visiting through the weekend.  We decided to drive up to see the Matinee of Zootopia all together.  It was a pretty cute movie with quite a few deeper and big picture messages tucked in amidst the feel good story about a bunny who wants to prove that she can become a police officer.  My description doesn’t do it justice, but we all enjoyed it and I’d definitely recommend it as a fun family friendly movie.

Afterwards, we drove up to see Michael.  I was excited because it would be Jeremy’s first time seeing him after his skull surgery.  I could tell by the look on his face that he was as excited as I was to see how amazing Michael was doing.

He was a bit more swollen today by the surgery site.  But he was awake and alert and we really enjoyed talking to him and letting him know how much we loved him and how we all were praying for him.  Sally shared that he had a CAT scan that morning and that everything was good.  The doctors are still working to find the best level for the shunt, but thankfully it seems as though everything is going well for Michael.

For me, it was so encouraging and made me think of these great verses in Philippians.  In my Bible, it’s aptly titled “Pressing on toward the Goal” and if you read verses 12- 14, you’ll find some great words of inspiration when thinking about pressing on in life.  Paul writes that we should press on to take hold of that which Christ Jesus took hold of.  He talks of forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead.  And when I think of Michael and when I think of my own life, it’s such great and practical advice.  Forward motion is a great thing.  God promises that He has so much in store for us and our job to is press on and to grab hold of it.


I feel like this is the beginning of Michael’s new race.  He’s been so through so much in the past almost three months.  But as he continues to rest and heal from this final big surgery, he can start to press forward to the next step of his journey.

We can continue to pray for no infections and for Michael as he heals.  I suppose I should note that he does still have a long ways to go.  But I feel so hopeful that he is finally able to be closer to this next stage.  Please pray that his body and his shunt will regulate well and that in time he will be able to get out to rehab where he can start to strengthen his body and press forward to his next goals.

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