Incomparably Great Power

For me, Good Friday started with a Fun Run in the morning with some of our amazing Youth Group girls and ended with a Tenebrae Candlelight Good Friday Service at our church. And all of this was celebrated in great anticipation for the miracle of Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter Morning.  But until then, I actually have a wonderful Easter Miracle to share.

But first… A few Easter Memories.  These came from last year, for our right before Easter Youth Group.


We started out with a little dodgeball, because it’s one of our favorites.


It’s the perfect sort of game to play in the tiny space of a church basement.


And right after dodgeball, we gathered together…


For a little Easter Egg hunt.


Our friend Jade was in charge of the games that night and she did a wonderful job putting together such a fun event.


Michael did a pretty good job finding the hidden eggs as well as enjoying the candy that was inside.

And speaking of our dear friend Michael, he is the Easter miracle that I am thrilled to share with you tonight.  See, throughout this entire past two and a half months, I’ve put together bits and pieces of stories from the day of his accident and all throughout his recovery.  And I’ve known from the beginning, that the fact that he is living today is a miracle.

Ever since January 8th, there have been quite a few specific times that I’ve seen God’s hand miraculously working for Michael’s good.  And today was another one of those times.  Earlier this week, I shared an urgent request for prayer.  Because on Monday it was discovered that the shunt that they surgically placed last week was not working.  Fluid was building up and had no where to go so Michael had another surgery to place an external drain to relieve the pressure.  And another surgery was planned for the future, so that the surgeons could go in and fix the shunt that was blocked and not working.

And I remember praying specifically and asking God if He would fix Michael’s shunt so that he wouldn’t have to have another brain surgery.  Knowing God is mighty, I knew that He very well could and so I prayed that it would be His will to do such a wonderful and miraculous thing.  A few days passed and Michael slowly recovered from the drain surgery and we continued to pray that he could rest up for the next upcoming surgery to clear the shunt.


And then, yesterday, Sally noticed that Michael was showing signs that the shunt had possibly started working again on its own.  She mentioned this to me and my heart stopped for a moment at the possibility.  So I sent out texts to my prayer warriors and we prayed all throughout the night and day that God would work miraculously on Michael’s behalf.

The kids and I drove up to see Michael today.  And even I was able to see that Michael was showing very visible signs that the shunt was quite possibly working again.  Sally shared that nothing had been confirmed by the doctors, but that they were indeed looking into everything.

And then tonight, I got the texts.  Michael’s shunt is indeed miraculously working again!  It’s still a bit new, but it was officially confirmed that the shunt is doing what it is supposed to do and for this we are praising God!

And during this Easter weekend, I was so beautifully reminded of the great power of God and the great power that God used when He miraculously raised Jesus from the dead.  And friends, this is the power that we can know and that we can have in us.  Ephesians 1:18-19 shares that God has called us to hope that we may know this incomparably great power.  It says that this is the same power that God used to raise Jesus and that it’s a power that we can have in us.


I’m so thankful that God used his power to work a beautiful miracle in Michael today.  I praise him and I thank him for hearing our many prayers on Michael’s behalf.  And I know for certain, that He will continue to use his power not only for Michael, but for us and in us all as we seek to love and serve Him.

Sally asked for specific prayers tonight.  I told her I would share them here, so here they are:

  • Please pray for Michael’s shunt that it will continue to drain and that his body will adapt to it.

And because she is a beautiful and compassionate soul, Sally also asked that we could pray for:

  • Ron, who was in the motorcycle accident.
  • Lana, Olivia’s granddaughter who is in the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital who is struggling with asthma and pneumonia.
  • Sally’s friend Ed whose son Connor is in the burn unit at Stony Brook.
  • Steve who was in a tragic accident.  Please pray especially for healing for Steven and for his wife and their family.  Sally was able to give them hope and comfort tonight as she talked with them and encouraged them.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in praying for Michael and for his family.  It is so beautifully evident to me that God is indeed working miracles, big and small throughout this entire situation.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

2 thoughts on “Incomparably Great Power”

  1. Please pray for Michael’s shunt that it will continue to drain and that his body will adapt to it. And for his family to have peace & comfort.

    Also sending prayers too……
    Ron, who was in the motorcycle accident.
    Lana, who is in the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital who is struggling with asthma and pneumonia.
    Ed whose son Connor is in the burn unit at Stony Brook.
    Steven who was in a tragic accident and for his wife and their family..

  2. Such glorious news regarding the shunt. I also will pray for those who Sally asked us for, and for those who we all know need prayers. This was an Easter present for Michael’s family, friends and prayer groups. Hallelujah!

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