All Day Long

I’m writing another late night post.  But bear with me, it’s a good one.

We drove up this afternoon to see our friend Michael.  And when we arrived, I was so relieved to see that he was doing quite a bit better than last time.

His surgery went well yesterday and the doctors are quite confident about giving him a few days rest before they go in to fix his shunt.  I have to say that our prayers were answered beautifully in this.

And today, Michael seemed so much more comfortable and even more like he was right before his shunt surgery.  He was alert and we even got back to a nice conversation with quite a few long eye blinks.  Those are my favorites at this point, if I’m being honest.  Michael’s sister Sarah has reassured me that they are his way of either agreeing with what was said, or in the cases where I tell him just how much we all love him, his way of saying he loves us right back.


I do have to say that I absolutely love to see the way that Sarah and Michael interact.  She’s been a constant by his side throughout everything and it’s heartwarming to see the incredible love that she has for her brother.  Many times throughout our visit, she’ll go over to Michael and softly share reassurances and encouragement with him and it really is quite wonderful.  She’s always in tune with what he needs whether it’s a bit of chap stick, or just some encouragement as he does some of his range of motion exercises.


She’s pretty much a rock star when it comes to being there for her brother.


And even though I was just so incredibly thankful for a great visit with Michael, it’s been hard these past few days because I’ve felt a bit down I think.  I suppose it happens ever so often, no matter what is going on, but it’s always seems a bit harder when life is harder.

So reading the simple truth of Psalm 25:5 was just what I needed tonight.  A reminder from verse 4, that God has the most wonderful ways for us to live our lives.  And that all we have to do is ask Him to help us and to teach us His paths.  I don’t know where you might be when it comes to faith, but I personally love knowing that God has ways that He wants us to live.  And not because He’s mean or unreasonably demanding.  Nope, it’s completely because He loves us.  And He knows what is best and that is what He wants for all of us.

Verse 5 continues on saying that we can ask God to guide us.  And that is always a great comfort on the days that we might feel a little lost.  Lost because the world seems out of control or because we just aren’t sure what to do anymore.  Dear friends, when we feel this way, God will guide us in his beautiful truths.  Because He is our God and our Savior.  And finally, my favorite part.  The fact that my hope is in God, all day long.


When the days are long and you feel a bit lost, this would be the verse for you.  These are the truths that God wants you to hear.  And they are the truths that helped guide my heart tonight.

Please continue to pray for Michael.  For healing at his shunt site and for rest before his next procedure.  Please pray for his family who has been so faithfully strong at his side.  And finally, for the nurses and doctors who are looking out for him each day and night.

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