Each Other

As most moms do, I love a good picture of our kids.  And just like most moms, I love the ones that I’m able to capture myself.  Because whereas I appreciate a good School Picture, I love most those candid images that I’ve captured over the years.  I love the pictures that show our kids and their unique personalities, taken in their most natural elements.

A while back, Sally gave me permission to use any Facebook pictures that she had of Michael.  And I took her up on her offer, partially because I knew I’d be able to use them, but mostly because I knew that those pictures would be extra special because they were taken by her.

And looking back, I found quite a few gems of the amazing and sweet Einfeldt kids.


It’s funny how even back then, you could see each of their own individual personalities.


Over the years, Sally captured some incredibly beautiful images of her children.


And tonight, as I looked Sally’s pictures, the love that she has for her family and for her children was quite evident in each one.


A few days ago, she shared this one with me.  It’s a picture of Michael at the beach, pulling one of his younger cousins on a boogie board.  She told me that he did this for quite awhile, and didn’t complain.  Because that’s who Michael was.  He was always willing to pick up and help out no matter what.  And most often he did it without complaining and with that wonderful Michael grin.


Tonight’s post is an important one.  Because just like Michael selflessly worked to help so many others throughout his life, he is again at a time that he needs our help and most importantly our prayers.

Sarah and I drove up for an early visit with Michael this morning.  When we got there, he seemed a bit uncomfortable but I was so glad to see that over the course of the visit, he gradually grew more content.  He even was half eyed awake and responded lightly with movements and tiny blinks, though it was clear that he was still in pain being post surgery.

Then this evening, I received a text from Sally with a prayer request.  Michael has a fever.   And it’s worrisome because this could be an indication of infection related to the shunt surgery.  That would be the worst case scenario, but it is something that I know that we can bring to God in prayer.


James 5 has some pretty specific and amazing verses about prayer.  It says in verse 14 that if any of you are sick that he should call on the elders of the church to pray.  Verse 15 talks about how the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well and that God will raise him up.  And finally, verse 16 says so powerfully that prayer is powerful and effective.  And I write these truths, knowing that God indeed sees the big picture and that He will work for Michael’s good, however that looks.  I know that God’s plan and ways are perfect and trust that He will do what is best for Michael.

But tonight dear friends will you please join me in praying on Michael’s behalf?  Sally asked if we could pray that he would not be in pain and that the doctors could find the right combination of meds to keep him from storming.  And most of all, could we ask that God would heal Michael’s fever and that it would not be related to any infection.

I don’t often ask, but if you’re able, could you please pray and share this.  Michael is very much in need tonight and I know that our prayers will be heard.  Thank you so much for being so faithful in following Michael’s story and in keeping him in your prayers.

UPDATE:  To check out the UPDATE please click Here 🙂

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  1. Dear Lord, please make Michael comfortable, Heal Michaels fever and hope it’s not related to an infection. Please take way his pain and Please help his medical team find the right combinations of meds to keep him from storming.Amen.

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