He Holds Victory

I poured through pictures of last year’s Breakaway this morning.


Because in looking through them, I knew I could find exactly what I was looking for.


Because ever since we’ve known this guy, we’ve known something special about him.  And that is just how much he values his friends.  In the past few months, it’s been quite evident that they value him as well.  I’ve gotten many messages from them, checking in on how he’s doing and letting me know how much they are thinking of and praying for their friend.  Many have asked about visiting, and depending on the day, it’s worked out or not.  But the love is always there.


Yesterday afternoon, it worked out for a few of them to go and visit.


I was able to drive a few up to see Michael and I was glad to be able to help in this way.


Sally shared that it would be a good day and it really, really was.


While we were there, a few stories came about which brought smiles and laughter as they remembered the great times that they all had together.


This also brought about the fact that mostly, they just really, really miss having him around.  And my heart ached a bit knowing how very wide spread this has been.  Knowing that they are hurting knowing that he is hurting.


I’ve spent time these past months, praying for Michael’s friends as well.


It’s hard at times processing things as a 34 year old adult.  So I can only imagine how hard it’s been for them to process things at their age.


I took a little time to share some beautiful truth with them.  I told them that even through Michael’s life has taken a different turn, that it doesn’t mean that it’s bad or without hope.  I told them that sometimes God’s plans look differently than our plans, but that it’s okay, because His way is perfect and best.


I told them that really, there has been so, so much good that’s happened in the past few months for Michael.  And that truly I believe that God will continue to heal and restore.


Having people and family and friends that love you in life, is priceless, it really is.  There is nothing greater that one could acquire, that people who genuinely love and care for you.  Michael has been this person to so, so many and so many have stepped up to be that person for Michael.  And I truly believe that it has made such a huge difference.


Dear friends and all who are reading these words.  Today, I couldn’t help but focus on knowing that God has something great in store for Michael.  I can feel it so very strongly today.  So I thought that it was so fitting to share the truths of Proverbs 2:7:


God has victory for Michael.  He will protect him as a shield and guard his course.  And I celebrate these truths this morning with such joy in my heart.

As of yesterday, Michael is on the right course for surgery this week.  Please would you share this and join me in prayer for God to go ahead even today and start to work mightily for this surgery?  Please pray for Michael to stay clear of infections and for strength and rest.  Please pray for the doctors and nurses who will be performing this surgery that they would have great success in it because God is blessing it.  And please pray for continued support and strength for Michael’s family.

We love and serve a mighty God.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

One thought on “He Holds Victory”

  1. Praying for Micheal to stay clear of infections and for strength and rest. Praying for medical team that they will have great success. And for Michaels family to have the Strenght to help Micheal to get through this time.

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