He Guided Them

Michael was always a bit of an outdoorsman.  He enjoyed hunting and fishing and being out on the water.  So today, when I went up for a morning visit I noticed a little bit into our conversation that his bed started rolling and gently moving him around.  It’s a special bed and it does this to help Michael so that he’s not in the same position all the time.  Whenever it happens, it reminds me of how it might feel to be on a boat, gently moved about by the waves.  When it started this morning, we talked about the ocean and about his boat and how someday he would be back enjoying them both.


Whenever I talk about familiar things like this, Michael has a nice slow blink response that he gives which I believe is in affirmation of what is said.  He slow blinked a lot this morning as we talked of good water memories and worked through some range of motion hand exercises.  And as we talked, I made sure to mention how good it will be when Michael is well to be back out on the water making more memories for years to come.


I’m feeling so very hopeful about things this weekend.  Sally shared tonight that so far the tests have come back clear and that if this continues Michael will get to have his shunt surgery next week!  This is a huge answer to our prayers.  This surgery is so important because it is the last step that Michael needs before he goes to rehab.  His sweet nurse today shared that she was on call the day that Michael was admitted.  She said that there are so many people at the hospital that are amazed at how well Michael has done these past two months. But she also shared about how good it will be for him to get to rehab so that he can start to move forward on his way to recovering.


God is hearing our prayers.  And I am thankful for the good news that has come this weekend.  In all of this, I’m reminded of Psalm 107:29, where it says, “They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven.”  I know that we are all glad for Michael as he is moving forward.  And I love that in this, we can trust that God will guide him to get to exactly where he needs to be.

Please continue to pray that Michael will remain infection free and for the surgery that he will hopefully have this coming week.  I also again, just want to give God the glory and thank Him for working so wonderfully in our friend Michael’s life.

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3 thoughts on “He Guided Them”

  1. my prayers for Michael continue and was so fortunate to go up and visit him and his Mom, who I have known since she was a teenager. It as so good seeing her and meeting Michael. I could see in his eyes that he has a lot of fight in him and I know he will come back to you all. While wondering what I can do to make things better for Sally, Michael and the family, right now I think prayers are the best answer. We had discussed how God never gives us anything we cannot handle, if it becomes a burden He takes it upon his shoulders. I see in Sally the peace she really needs, and while alot of stuff that will be hard is yet to come, I truly believe the dark part is over and their journey will become easier. I also met Jeremy and felt an immediate connect, what a wonderful human he is and if anyone can help my sweet friends thru it, it is he and you Laura. Bless you both.

  2. Praying for Michael, Sally and the rest of their family. Your words are written so beautifully, thank you for keeping the rest of us informed and aware of Michael’s progress. May God bless you too!

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