Daily Bread

Nearly three summers ago, our friends Mitch and Amber got married.


It was probably one of my favorite weddings to date.  Because it really was a beautiful union between two of our dearest friends.  And many of their friends gathered together that day to celebrate them and the beginning of their lives together.


It was a wonderfully fun day.


And I couldn’t help but be so thankful as I looked around the room to see so many faces that we’ve known and loved.


It was a great celebration, but at the end of it, it was a day.  One day and the first day of many in the years to come.  I’m a professional photographer and in addition to my family and portrait work, I usually shoot a handful of weddings each year.  When I meet with a bride and groom and hear their stories and their plans, I always gently encourage them to of course enjoy their wedding day, but also to know that it’s one day.  And for as much time and effort and money as they invest in that day, they should do just as much to invest in their marriage which will last all of the other days past that very first one.


I talked to Sally on the phone this morning, knowing that I wouldn’t see her today since I was planning to visit at a later time this evening.  And she shared how she had caught the end of a Joyce Meyer sermon the other day at the hospital.  Joyce was teaching about the Lord’s Prayer.  Later that day, when Sally went to read in her her Bible, she had intended to check out another passage, but ended up in Luke 11 reading about Jesus as he taught the Lord’s Prayer.  And then, when Danielle came up to visit Michael later that day, she shared one of the Youth Group lessons with him and it was about, you guessed it, the Lord’s prayer.

And when I went to write tonight, and thought about what Sally had read, I wanted to share what has always stood out to me from the Lord’s Prayer.  And that would be the line, “Give us today, our daily bread.”  Now in case you were wondering, no.  It’s not because I’m a fan of bread.  Though I kind of am.  No, it’s more about the idea that we need only to ask and concentrate on the day that is before us.  We need to trust each day that God will provide the bread and all that we need just for that very day.  And then tomorrow, we will focus on whatever needed to be done that day and continue on to take life one day at a time.


This evening, I enjoyed a really nice visit with Michael.  He had had a bit of a rough day, coming off the medications from yesterday’s surgery.  They were giving him a few normal complications and it was a bit hard to know that he was struggling.  When I got there, he seemed to be doing better.  We had a nice visit and I was even able to help him with a few of his exercises.  When his Dad Mike got there, it was nice to catch up with him and all in all, it was a good visit.

There are so many things that could be cause for anxiety when I think of Michael’s or anyones’s future.  But I think we need to do as Jesus said, and take it just one day at a time.  We need to know that God will provide all that Michael needs each and every day and that He will do the same for us as well.

Prayers for Michael’s comfort to come as he continues to transition of some of the medications that he had would be greatly appreciated.  Also for the tests that will be done this weekend to hopefully give the clearance for Michael to go ahead and get his shunt surgery would be greatly appreciated too.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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