On the night before Michael’s accident, I was supposed to meet up with him and Jeremy so that we could practice for a Skit that we were going to do on Sunday.  But that afternoon, Christian had an eye appointment so that he could get contacts.


Apparently I had forgotten how hard it was to learn how to put them in for the first time and we ended up being at the doctor’s office for over two hours.  I ended up missing our practice time but Jeremy and Michael did just fine without me.  Jeremy told me later, that they had such a nice time hanging out for that hour, practicing a bit, but mostly just talking about life things.


I’ll never forget the sound of Jeremy’s voice when he called to me downstairs that next morning to let me know that Michael had been in an accident.  My stomach still sinks, when I remember how hard that moment was.


And as we drove up to the hospital that day for the first time, all I could think about was how I had just seen Michael at youth group the night before.  I missed our play practice, but caught up with everyone at the gym during game time.  I didn’t talk to Michael that night, but I remember him running past me with the biggest smile on his face.


At the end of game time, I had everyone stand together for a quick group picture.  To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure why, besides the fact that it’s just what I do every now and then.  I’ve learned that these pictures will eventually become flashbacks of the past, moments of time too quickly forgotten, so I take them when I can.  I think it’s partly because I want to always remember and to put together the faces of the groups that we love so very much.


I didn’t go up to the hospital today.  But in a few different ways, Michael was on my heart and on my mind.  One of the reasons that I didn’t go, was because I had a hair appointment.  And as I chatted with the hair dresser, she shared quite a few times about her son whose name was Michael.  That name also came up in a conversation that I had with another friend over lunch.  And I thought it was funny, how even though I didn’t see him today, he was still on my mind and then quickly put into my prayers.

Jeremy got to see him today though.  And when I checked in with Sally tonight, she shared that Michael had had a good and restful day.  She shared a quick story with me about how tonight she told Michael that she had needed to go home to do laundry and to walk Cody.  She asked him if that would be okay.  He’s been communicating a little bit with eye blinks and she shared that through this, he confirmed twice that it was okay that Sally went home for the night.  When she told me this, all I could think, was how beautiful it was to see Michael trying to take care of his Mom as she was trying to take care of him.

I’ve learned a lot over these past two months.  And one thing that I’ll share, is just how beautiful it’s been to be able to be there for Michael and his family and specially his Mom Sally.  They all have such beautiful and wonderful and pure and loving hearts.  And it reminded me of how in Matthew 5:8, Jesus shared that those with beautiful and pure hearts will be blessed.  And most wonderfully, they will see God.  And it’s funny, because tonight when I read this, I read it differently than I had before.


God is really everywhere and all it takes is a bit of searching to find Him.  I always see God’s handiwork in the skies.  Sally sees it too and we can always see it in the Hospital bridge sunset pictures that she shares (like the one here).  And I think that tonight this verse was saying that when you have a beautiful and pure heart, it’s going to be much easier to see God.  To see his incredible creation.  But most importantly, to see Him working in your life and in the lives of those you love.

Please keep in your prayers the tests that Michael will have in the next few days to determine if he is ready for the shunt surgery.  Please pray for God’s timing and that they will result in exactly what Michael needs.  Thank so much for taking time to read tonight!

Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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