I spent the morning with our church family at Eastport Bible Church with some of the most wonderful people around.  We worshipped and praised our Great God.  During Pastor Jerry’s sermon, I met downstairs with a great group of our Kindergarten through Sixth Grade students, were we started our new Kids Church Series, The Hero’s Journey.  It was a pretty fantastic way to spend a Sunday morning.

And then later this afternoon, I drove up to the hospital with our kids.  They both had the option of staying home, but both made the choice to go and visit Michael with me.  They waited patiently in the waiting room when I went in to spend time with some of my favorite Einfeldts.


And it was such a great visit, because Katelyn and her husband Luke were home from Canada to spend the week with Michael.  They were both on break from school and it’s funny, because I can remember in January when they were here how they were talking about coming back to visit and here it was already.  My, how these months have passed by.


When I walked into the room, it was so good to see Katelyn and Luke both just hanging out with Michael.  I’ve seen firsthand over the years how important this family is to each other and so it warmed my heart to walk in and see them all together.


Sarah told me about how Michael reacted when he saw Katelyn for the first time.  She said he seemed very happy and recognized her right away.


Watching them this afternoon was such a wonderful thing to see.  I’m so thankful that we will get to see more of their interactions throughout the week and know that this will be a great comfort to Michael knowing that his family is altogether again.


I really enjoyed catching up with Michael today.  As I talked with him, I noticed that when I would ask a question , or make a statement, Michael would close his eyes for a bit longer than a blink in response.  When I realized what he was doing (Sally shared that she had been working on this with him) I hesitated for a moment, but then asked in a soft voice, “Michael… Do you know who I am?”  And much to my delight, he closed his eyes and held them closed for a few seconds and then opened them up and looked right at me.

And it was such a sweet moment and one that I will treasure.  And then, as an added bonus, he opened his mouth a bit into what we call “his smile.”  I quickly thanked him for knowing me and for smiling and it was probably one of my favorite moments so far.


And I have to say that this day in itself, gave me a renewed sense of hope.  Michael is making progress, and it’s seen in little ways throughout each day.  And I’ve realized just how powerful hope can be and for this I am so thankful.


God is doing a great work in Michael and I’m so thankful to know that we can have hope throughout everything because of God and His great love and power.  Psalm 71:14 simply says, that I will always have hope and because of this, I will praise God more and more.  And that is where my heart is today.

Though I saw Sally and Mike at church this morning and then again briefly this afternoon (they were coming up just as I had to leave) I didn’t get the chance to see if there were any other updates.  So  I’m guessing that everything is the same and that in a few days, they will retest Michael to see if he is clear for his shunt surgery.  So maybe today we can pray for Michael’s family and for the special time that they will have together this week with Katelyn and Luke being home from college.  Thank you so much for checking in on Michael and his story and thank you so very much for your prayers.

Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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