So every Thursday night, we have Youth Group.  Which means that every Thursday night we open the doors of our church and we hang out with a big group of Jr. and Sr. High Students.  And I know I’m biased, but I have to say that our Youth Group has always been pretty awesome.


Youth Group nights lately always remind me of Michael because Michael was there for pretty much every Youth Group all throughout High School.


And in case you were wondering…


On this particular Spring night of Youth Group, we were not playing Thunderball.

Just regular old Ultimate Frisbee.  Thought I should clarify that we do indeed play other games and not just ones that we make up on our own.


As I mentioned before, Michael was around for most Youth Group nights.  Partly because he was there to hang out with friends, and partly because in addition to being a youth group student, he was also a student leader throughout his last few years of high school.  Which meant that in addition to just being awesome and having fun, he also purposed in his heart to be a bigger part of our group by helping to lead and encourage some of our younger students.  Michael was part of a bigger group of students that stepped up to lead in our youth ministry.  And they all have been an instrumental part in the strength of our Youth Group and a huge reason why it’s been so amazing over the years.


And I write all this to share that I really am so very proud of our students.  Tonight, Sally’s Aunt Krisha dropped off a huge tray of cookies for our students.  She left a card written to “The Best Ever Youth Group.”  And it made me smile.


Because we do have the best ever group of students.  Each week, they’ve continued to keep Michael and his family on their hearts and in their prayers.  One of our students Jackie prayed tonight for Michael and it was so beautiful and heartfelt.  Over the years, we’ve grown into a family and seeing these kids show concern and love for one of their “family members” has been a pretty powerful and beautiful thing to see.


Jeremy and I fit in a quick visit to see Michael this afternoon.  He was waiting for some pain medication to kick in, so we didn’t stay for too long knowing that he needed some rest.  Overall, he is continuing to do relatively well.  He’s coming off antibiotics this week and will spend the next week resting and gaining strength.  He’ll undergo a series of tests with the goal being that he will be infection free so that he can have his upcoming surgery for a shunt to be placed.  And right after that, the plan will be for him to head to a rehab center so that he can gain strength and start a new road to recovery.

So prayers tonight would be for this next week.  For good health and continued healing and specifically that the tests will go well so that he can be cleared for surgery.  Sally also mentioned that we could specifically pray for Michael.  As he is “waking up” more and more, we just want to pray that he will have comfort and peace in his situation.  You can imagine that it is probably a bit overwhelming as his brain is healing and putting things together again.  But we serve a great God and know that God will be with Michael.

And looking ahead to the future.  We can even pray that God will open the right doors for the best rehab facility and for Michael and the  upcoming days and weeks and months ahead.  But we can take comfort in the words of Psalm 31:14-15 which reminds us that we can indeed trust in God.  And that the truth is, our times are in His hands.  Michael’s times are all in God’s hands and we will just continue to trust in God and in his mighty plan.


Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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