I Know the Plans

So today, was probably my favorite Michael day to date.  Because of the two big Snow Storms we had and then with Breakaway, I wasn’t able to go and visit Michael for the past four days.  Which just seemed like a lot since we were in the habit of seeing him every day.

But today.  Today was good.  We went up to the hospital this afternoon and when I walked in to Michael’s room, I couldn’t help but smile as I took in the small changes.  First off, there has been a steady decrease of the medical equipment in Michael’s room, which is a great thing.  His most recent accomplishment was getting rid of the neck brace that has held his head steady for the past month or so.  And it was so nice to see his whole awesome face without it.  I’d also like to report that his hair is growing back nicely as well.

He got a new bed too, which moves and rolls a bit.  It helps Michael not to be in the same position and is another step towards getting him where he needs to be.  We joked with Michael that it was almost like he was back on the water, since it kind of has this rolling motion, a bit like being in a boat.

And speaking of Michael?  We had just come in after he had just had Physical Therapy.  So you can imagine that he was a bit tired.  But as we visited with Sally and talked to him, he graced us with little arm movements here and there.  And after awhile, he opened one and then both of his eyes which is something that was just so awesome.  So I held his hand and talked right to him.  I told him about Breakaway and about how much we missed him.  I told him about the drummer that was there and how he reminded me of Michael.  When I did this, Michael responded by moving both of his arms which was pretty cool.  He would do this a few more times as we mentioned him drumming.  I also talked to him about all of his friends that were at the retreat and how much we all loved him and were there for him.


*Photo Credit:  Sally Einfeldt, Michael’s amazing mom

And honestly, it was so wonderful to get to have this interaction with Michael today.  I know that I really missed seeing him and so then to come and see him and have him have such good responses was just an absolute joy to my heart.  Jeremy and I both spent the walk out to the van talking about what a great visit it was and how proud we are of Michael and all that he is doing.  And when I turned to take a picture of the hospital, I’m telling you, even the clouds were smiling because it was such a good day.


I drew in the picture that I saw, just in case you missed it.


After our visit, Sally walked out with us and shared a verse that had been on her heart.  That morning, she had turned to a page in her notes where she had written this verse and a few sentences on how she knew that God had a plan for Michael in all of this.  She shared that in that moment she also received a text from a dear friend who had also shared the verse as well.

So with all that, I realized it would be the perfect verse to share with you all tonight.  Jeremiah 29:11 says that God knows the plans that He has for us.  It reminds us of God’s omniscience and the fact that he is all knowing.  It also shows us that God has laid out great plans for each of us.  Then it goes on to say that they are plans that will bring prosperity, hope and a future.

And isn’t it a great comfort to know that in the midst of our trials, we can know the truth that God is there.  That He sees and knows everything.  And that He is the one who will bring us through.

I once heard a quote from a Pastor/Speaker named Francis Chan.  He said, “God created the Universe.  And He has a plan.  You might have a plan.  But you don’t have a Universe.”  And it was such a great reminded that God sees the big picture.  He knows and loves Michael and each of us and He will work His great plan out in each of our lives.  God’s plan for Michael may not be what we thought it would be.  But tonight, we can be reminded that it is a great and perfect plan and that Michael indeed has hope and a great future ahead.


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4 thoughts on “I Know the Plans”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I always get a little nervous when I don’t see your post. You are one special person, I’m so thankful that you’re there in prayer, support, and love for Muchael and his family. God Bless You
    My prayers continue for these beautiful people

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, I’ve missed the last couple of one that you posted will have to see if I can find them.so happy Michael is doing well. Praying always for the young man & his family.

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