Love and Prayers for Michael Einfeldt

I woke up this morning thinking about Michael and what else we could do to show him our love and support.  This past week, every chance I get, I make sure to hold Michael’s hand and tell him very clearly that he has so many people who love him and so many people who are praying for him.  Yesterday, when I told him this, he moved his arm and I felt that this was his response to knowing these simple, yet amazing truths.

Throughout the past almost four weeks, as I’ve written and shared Michael’s story, I’ve had so many wonderful people message me or tell me in person how much they have been impacted by Michael and how they are sending their love and prayers.  And it got me thinking.  Because how would I ever show Michael how many people were supporting him throughout this whole journey?  And so I came up with this idea.

It’s pretty simple really.  All you need is a blank sheet of paper.


And a writing utensil.  You could go traditional with a Black Sharpie.


Or get a little more creative.


I decided to opt for a Birds Egg Blue Chisel Sharpie.  Fancy, I know.  When you get your writing utensil, you can write something like this.

Love and Prayers for Michael Einfeldt…

And then who and where it’s from.

So simple, right?


Then you’re going to need a camera.  Maybe you’ll go old school, and take a picture with an actual camera.


But most likely, you’ll go the camera phone route.  Fun fact:  They say that every day more pictures are taken with iPhones than any other camera in the world.


Okay, so once you have your sign and a camera, the next step is to just take a picture of yourself with your sign using your camera.  You can do this a few ways.  You can go the selfie route.  Or you could have a friend take the picture.  You could have it just be yourself, or you could have it be a few people or even include a big group.  I personally would have included my family had they still been at home when I was writing this because I’m not a fan of pictures of myself.  Which brings me to that point.  Maybe you are sitting there thinking, “I’m not really a fan of taking pictures of myself.”  And that’s okay.  Because like I said, I’m not either.  But it’s something that I can do for Michael so I’m doing it.  If you’re really against it, that’s fine.  To be honest, any picture that you want to share in honor of Michael would be great and much appreciated as well.


And the last step?  Post it so I can share it with Michael.  The most logical place would be Facebook, which is always the origin of my Michael posts.  In the comments, you can just share the picture and this way I know I’ll have a great location to be able to show Michael all of the people who were praying for him.  If you’re not a Facebook user, you could also post it to this blog, or even email it to me:  Finally, I suppose you could post to Instragram with a hashtag of #loveandprayersformichaeleinfeldt.  The only thing with this is that you want to make sure you spell everything right, or it will be lost in Instagram cyberspace forever.


Finally.  I really cannot thank you all enough for the amazing show of love and support that you’ve given to Michael and to his family.  This is just one more thing that we can do as his family, friends and community.  I would absolutely love to see lots of people come together and show love in pictures for our amazing friend Michael.

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