Jeremy and I spent a beautiful day in the City to celebrate his birthday, so we weren’t able to go and visit Michael today.  It did however, remind me of a few summers ago when we took some of our Youth Group students in to the City for a special trip.

When I say the “City” I’m of course referencing New York City, which is a two hour train ride from our home in Eastport.  I remember Michael telling us that he didn’t like the City at all, and only went when he had to.  Granted, for this particular trip, we didn’t make him… we just bribed him with a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and lunch at Chipotle.  And in typical Michael fashion, he was all in.


I’m a huge fan of art.  And we happen to have quite a bit of it in New York.  So every chance we get, we go and enjoy it.  That year, I remember going in quite a few times to visit the Met or the Museum of Modern Art (where everyone’s favorite Van Gogh painting is) and just walking around peaceful halls full of sculptures and paintings.  That day, we walked around with our students and just generally had a great time enjoying the beautiful pieces of art that the Met had to offer.


And afterwards, we went outdoors to enjoy the beautiful creation that God had made within the peaceful haven of Central Park.  It was a pretty awesome day, spend with pretty awesome people and one of my favorite youth trips to the City to date.


That summer, Jeremy had been teaching on a series for Sunday School and had used some pretty awesome paintings that he had found at the Met within his curriculum.  The kids had wanted to take a trip to see them in person, so that is what we did and how we ended up taking this trip.

This painting in particular was a part of one of Jeremy’s favorites that he had shown our students.  It’s called The Creation of the World and the Expulsion from Paradise, by Giovanni di Paolo.  As a whole it’s quite brilliant, but tonight I had just wanted to focus on this part of the painting, and di Paolo’s beautiful depiction of God reaching down to touch the earth.  I’m always a fan of God depicted as loving and involved, because those are attributes that I believe He portrays quite beautifully in our lives.


And this painting just happens to go nicely with the verse that I found to share tonight.

Did you know that God sings?

And not just about anything… He rejoices over us and He sings.  I personally find that quite incredible.  In Zephaniah 3:17, we learn a few more things about God and his relationship with us.  We learn that God is with us.  And that He is mighty to save us, no matter what troubles we are in.  And besides that… God delights in us.  He delights in you.  How amazing does that feel?  Because sometimes, when you have a bad day…  Just remember.  God Delights In You.  Remarkable, right?

And finally, He promises peace with His love and that He will rejoice over us with singing.

And tonight, I can’t help but be delighted by this verse and what it means for Michael, and what it means for me, and what it means for you.


Sally shared some beautiful info this morning.  Michael’s Neurosurgery Doctors came in.  They were smiling and said how Michael is making great progress.  They are incredibly happy with how he is doing and that is something that we are so very thankful for.  God is certainly working great things into Michael’s story.

Michael still needs prayer for his fever and for the source of his infection.  And again, for continued healing of his body and his brain and that they would be protected from infection too.  But tonight, we can continue to rest knowing that God is with Michael and that He will continue to work mighty things for him.

Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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