Doing Good

Happy Saturday :).  On our way to visit Michael, we stopped by Chick-fil-A for a little pre-birthday family celebration for Jeremy.  It’s his birthday tomorrow and since Sundays are our busy days, we’ve decided to fit in birthday fun all throughout the weekend.  By the way, we are huge Chick-fil-A fans and were thrilled when we finally got one on Long Island.  I personally could eat there every day and absolutely love the chicken, the overly friendly service and the chocolate milkshakes too.


On the weekends when we visit Michael, we bring our kids and they do a great job sitting in the waiting room.  They aren’t allowed to see Michael since they are under 12, but thankfully they don’t seem to mind much.  Christian played a game on his iPad, and funny enough, Ellee entertained herself for a good 30 minutes by playing with a Dymo Labeler that I got for super cheap last year on  She printed out a nice message for Michael and his sister Sarah was kind enough to stick it to one of his posters so that when he is able, he will see that Ellee Herr thinks he is awesome.


Sally shared her reading from Proverbs from the morning.  It’s one of my favorite Bible passages and also includes my “Life Verses” which are Proverbs 3:5-6.  I love how in Proverbs 3:1, it says that we aren’t to forget God’s teachings but to keep them close in our hearts.  I think it’s such an important reminder as we continue through this journey with our friend Michael.  There are many ups and downs, but God’s truths stay the same.

And as I mentioned, I love verses 5 and 6 which ask us to trust in the Lord with ALL of our hearts and to not try to depend on our understanding.  When we do this and submit to Him in all of our ways, He is the one that will make our paths straight.  I love this reminder that God is walking through this with Michael and his family and that He is the one that will lead and guide them.


Speaking of Michael, he’s been through a lot these past few days, but overall is doing well.    He still has a bit of a fever and his doctors are still working to find the source and the right treatment for it.  Praise God that again today, he did incredibly well with his vent lowered, so much that they switched to a CPAP setting.  It’s possible that these extras are tiring him out a bit, as he adjust to really breathing on his own for the first time in three weeks.  But overall, his doctors and nurses are very pleased with how well he is doing.

He did open one eye a bit to peek at us as we visited and again gave some good hand squeezes as we talked and prayed with him.  But probably needed another good rest day as he continues to adjust to being off of many of the heavier medications.


Michael has always been a hard worker and I really feel that he will continue to fight and grow stronger in the days to come.  Whenever we would play games at youth group, He was always out there playing hard and having fun doing it.  And he’s now in a time of life where he is finding out the balance of resting and healing, but also facing times that he will need to work hard and grow strong as well.


And we pray through all of this, that God will be His main source of strength.  That He will be the one to strengthen and heal and that Michael will not become weary even though he has a long road to recovery.

Prayers tonight would include continued healing and strength.  That Michael would grow strong as he adjusts to his low vent levels.  For his brain pressures to continue to stay low.  And just for other little tests and things that are a part of his healing and recovery.  His doctors and nurses are doing a great job staying in tune with Michael’s needs and we just pray for wisdom for them as they continue to help Michael recover.

And again, please just prayers for Michael’s family.  Especially for his beautiful and incredible Mom Sally.  She is doing such a beautiful job, but just strength and rest for her as she is with Michael and being strong for him.  Thank you all so much for your love and faithfulness in praying for this family.  You are doing your part beautifully and we can know that God is hearing our prayers and working on behalf of Michael and his family.


*Photo Credit to Michael’s amazing sister Sarah 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Doing Good”

  1. Thank you Laura for another update on Michael. And thank the God for his continued blessings and healing for Michael. We ask you to continue to lay your healing hand on Michael and keep his brain pressure low, allow him to adjust to his low vent levels, to heal his fever, and have all the tests come back with positive results. Keep guiding the medical team in doing what’s best for Michael. And give strength & comfort to his family & friends.

  2. Good to hear. Knowing you are all there is very helpful. It makes him feel safe and surrounded by love . Good job the care givers need the love too.

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