With Confidence

So throughout the past few weeks, something quite heartwarming has happened.  In various places throughout the world, people are coming together to pray for our amazing friend Michael.  So first, a few stories.

First, coming in from Canada.  Katelyn’s husband Luke said that the towns that his parent and siblings live in, in three different church locations across Canada didn’t hold their normal Sunday services this past week, but dedicated the whole time to praying for Michael.

Eastport Bible Church as well, held a special time of prayer for Michael on Sunday.  That morning was a tougher one, as Michael’s levels were really high and for a time, we weren’t sure if they would be able to get them down (thankfully, they did).  Riding on those emotions, somehow Jeremy was able to get up and preach a sermon at our church which you can check out by clicking here.

About a week ago, John Bates from Washington, contacted me.  He’s a high school leader in the youth group at Shoreline Berean Bible Church in Seattle, Washington.  It’s Jeremy’s home church and it was so awesome that he reached out.  He told me that their youth group is praying for Michael, his family and the medical staff and that he was sharing updates with their students.  He sent a picture so that Michael’s family could see people that were praying for her son, 3,000 miles away.


And at some point last week, our beautiful friend Victoria and her family lit up a Get Well lantern for Michael and flew it up for all of Taiwan to see.  It was a special way that her family could share their thoughts and prayers half way around the world.


And in our own community, we have so many that have come together with support and prayers.  I’ve gotten quite a few messaged from people who don’t even know Michael but were touched by his story.  They are praying faithfully for him and it’s so incredible to hear.  Also, many of Michael’s school friends have reached out in support with love and concern.  Many of them are in the teen and young adult phase and having something like this happen to someone that they know has really affected them quite deeply.


Within our Youth Group, we have so many people who are standing behind Michael with love and prayers as well.  I get messages and texts throughout the day from Michael’s friends who are checking in to see if I’ve heard any news about how he is doing.


And of course, on the front line is Michael’s amazing family.  They have been at the hospital daily to stand by his side, breathing silent prayers for their son and brother to be healed.  In the past week, we’ve also met aunts and uncles and grandparents who have all come to show their support as well.


And I just have to share that Michael’s sister Sarah in particular has been relentless in watching out and caring for her brother.  She’s spent many nights during the past two weeks, curled up on a small hospital couch and waking up all throughout the night to go in and check on her brother.  It’s really an incredible outpouring of this strong but quiet love and support and it’s been so beautiful to see.


There are so, so many people who are loving and supporting our friend Michael.  There are many others who have been compelled to pray continuously for him and still others who have been touched so deeply by his story.

And all that being said, I feel such confidence in this situation.  Confidence that God is working.  Confidence that in the midst of tragedy, good things can happen.  And confidence that God will continue to help and heal Michael.

Today was a bit of a rougher one.  I stopped in to the hospital this morning to find that Michael’s pressure levels were indeed elevated.  So we prayed in his room and trusted that God would give his nurses and doctors the wisdom that they needed to help the pressures lower.  I got a text this evening that they have gone down which was something to be thankful for.  At this point, Michael’s brain still needs to be able to rest and heal from injury and any increased activity seems to also increase the pressures.  So prayers tonight would include rest and healing for Michael’s injuries.  And also, just peace and rest for Michael’s mom and sister Sarah in particular.  They’ve been able to stay with Michael around the clock and we can just pray that God will provide for all of their needs as well.

Sally shared this verse with me today and I thought it was a great reminder so it’s what I’ll leave you with tonight.  Thanks for stopping by and for keeping up with Michael’s story.


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3 thoughts on “With Confidence”

  1. Sending strength to Michael’s whole family. Be strong. I continually pray for his recovery. He is young, resilient and the power of prayer will help him to overcome this. I believe in miracles.

  2. Praying everyday for Michael’s healing and for Peace. Keeping him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

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