So Loved

I’m thankful that with school being off, we were able to get in some friend time this morning.  Christian had his friend Chris come over to work on their 6th Grade Wacky Weather Report and Ellee got to hang out with her dear friend Sofia.


Those silly girls begged to go outdoors, so I let them.  They were out for about five minutes before running back inside because it was so cold.  But not before they laid down in the two inches of snow that we got last night and giggled with arms and legs flailing as they hastily made snow angels.

I’m so thankful for the friendships that our kids have.  And I’m thankful that we had a fun morning all together.


We drove up to the hospital later in the afternoon.  We were so glad to hear that Michael had had a good night and that his pressure levels were even down a bit.  We visited with Michael’s family and got the chance to go and see Michael as well.  While his levels were a bit better today, throughout the afternoon he was running a fever and that was something that we stopped to pray about.  Sally shared the comfort that she had found and mentioned a few times about a little angel that she kept in her pocket.  It had the words, “I will never leave you,” on it and has been a constant reminder of how Jesus is helping her and how He is constantly with her throughout everything that is going on.


And this all reminded me of the thing that I wanted to share with you all tonight.

Michael’s story has touched so many people in the past week and a half.  Articles that have been printed in our local newspapers continually share about Michael’s faith and the prayers that are bringing our community together in support for him and his family.  I’ve thought about it and never before really have heard a story that has had such tragedy, surrounded by such faith and hope.  And I believe that all of this is because of Michael and the faith and hope that he had in Jesus and that he lived so beautifully though out his life.


In Michael’s Bible, if you turn to John 3:16, you’ll see the most simple and beautiful explanation for the story of us and God and how we can come to have a relationship with Him.  It simply says that God loves the world so much that He gave us Jesus.  All we have to do is believe in Jesus and that He forgave our sins and died for us and through this we will have life with God both now and forever.  Faith in God really is as simple as that.

Michael believed this and lived this.  This was why he made such an impact in all that he did, why he is still making an impact and why he will continue to make an impact.  Walking through this week with Sally and Mike and the girls and all of Michael’s family and friends you have to wonder what you would do if you were ever in that situation.  But all throughout this terrible experience, God is working good.  He is giving peace and comfort and love and hope.  He is giving the strength that people need.  He is faithfully answering prayers.  And He is continuing to do a good work in the midst of tragedy and I truly believe that it is because of the faith and personal relationship with Jesus that Michael and so many of his family and friends have.


And tonight friends, I pray that this is something that you would know too.  I know Michael loves Jesus and God is with Michael and will always be with him and this is an incredible and an amazing truth that I know Michael would want you to know.  Knowing and loving Jesus is as simple as believing in Him and trusting Him with your life.


I’ll end tonight with a few things.  First, if there is any questions that you have or help that you need as you read this story and work through this time, please feel free to contact me or Jeremy (who is the Youth Pastor at Eastport Bible Church).   We would love to talk with you more and encourage you in any way that we can.  We have a wonderful church and lots of different ways that you can get involved and be a part of our church family the way that Michael was (and still is).

And secondly, I got a text tonight from Sally sharing that Michael’s pressure levels are down and that he doesn’t have a fever right now either.  Two huge answers to our prayers. Please keep praying for those levels to keep dropping and for the swelling to go and stay down and just for God’s ultimate healing for Michael.  Thank you so very much.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

7 thoughts on “So Loved”

  1. I don’t know you personally…but I am so thankful and touched by your posts…I’m friends with Sally and Penni, and they are truly blessed to have you by their side…

  2. I have been keeping up on your posts, and have been sending continuous prayers and healing light to Michael. Although I don’t personally know him or his family I do know and believe in the power of prayer! Bless them all. 🙏🏼

  3. Hello Laura, may I begin with thanking you for your posts…..I imagine these are very hard for you to write…. but please know the faith and hope you write with helps when I look everyday for an update on Michael. Sally Ann is my cousin her mum and my Dad ( he’s gone now ) were brother and sister. I don’t see Sally Ann as I live in Canada ( before in Scotland ) but I have a genuine love/blood connection ( and so many memories of when we were young ) my son Kyle did go to visit her just a few months ago though……I feel a very strong bond with Sally ( it’s like I just feel she’s family and even though we haven’t seen each other in years I do know her very well ) ….I have a strong faith Laura ( God is my best friend…..always has been ) Michael’s healing is in my prayers here and I do believe in miracles and hope for all things good for him.
    Please give my cousin a tight hug from me and my sons ………continue doing all the wonderful things you do Laura. God Bless and thank you again , Eileen in Canada xxx

  4. Keeping Michael in my prayers. What a testimony this family is displaying of Gods love and sovereignty! Yes, even in our weakness and broken-heartedness, to God be all the glory. So proud to have brothers and sisters in Christ shining for Him!!!
    Heavenly Father, God of all creation, shine forth! Display your love, your greatness, your compassion, your tenderheartedness and mercy through Michael, his family and your children! You alone deserve all the glory and praise! Oh Jesus you are the great physician, the lover of our souls and we desire for you to be lifted on high!
    So Father I ask in the powerful name of Jesus Christ to bring healing to Michael. Restore his blood pressure to normal, remove every infection, heal every cell, every bone, muscle, ligament, anything in his precious body that was harmed by this accident Father restore to health! Not that we deserve anything from you Father but that your love, greatness, goodness, and salvation through your Son Jesus Christ, would be manifested through what you will do in bringing Michael to health.
    Father put a protective hedge round about Michaels family. May they not listen to the lies of the enemy. Comfort them, protect them, guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord! Use them mightily for your kingdom and give them your peace which surpasses all understanding!
    Thank you Father for all you do for your children. Be mindful of Mchael and His families heartache and be merciful! To you alone be all the glory, honor and praise now and forevermore!!

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