I’m thankful because we were able to get a quick visit in this morning up to the hospital to see Michael’s family.  It was fairly quiet when we got there.  We’ve learned that the hospital seems to be less busy on the weekends.  We were happy to hear that Michael had had a relatively good night after his surgery.  But this morning, his pressure levels were again a concern.

Sally showed me her daily notes.  And right at the top of the page were the words, “God’s grace is sufficient.”  They were from part of a verse that I know quite well.  Because it talks about God’s grace being sufficient for us and that His power is made perfect in our weaknesses.  And I thought how well it fit in with everything.  It’s easy to see the weaknesses of this situation.  But to know that God’s power is being made perfect and that His power is what we can have in us…  That’s strength right there.


This weekend is better, because Michael’s sister Katelyn is here.  As I’ve mentioned before, Katelyn is the Einfeldt that we met first.  She came with a friend to our Youth Group and ended up sticking around.  We watched her grow into this amazing and beautiful girl who had a strong love and passion for Jesus.


Katelyn was a huge part of our Youth Group, like her brother Michael.  I can still remember the day that she shared that she had decided that she was going to go to Kingswood University, a Christian University up in Canada.  She shared that she wanted to do some sort of ministry and that overall she wanted to let Jesus do great things with her life.  We were so, so excited for her.


A few days later, we had a huge rainstorm and at the end, there was a double rainbow in the sky over the church (it’s a bit hard to see the second one, but trust me, it was there).  And at the time it reminded me of God’s promises, as rainbows always do.


And to bring this all full circle.  Katelyn is here now.  She is still loving and serving Jesus and I’m so thankful that she is able to be here with her brother, praying for him in his weaknesses and being strong for him and for her family.  And when I think of those rainbows that appeared back then, reminding me of God’s promises, I know that today, in the midst of a tough time, I need to also be reminded of God’s promises.

Michael’s pressure levels continue to be unstable.  And this is the biggest concern right now that needs our prayers.  We need God to help Michael’s brain to heal so that the swelling can indeed go down and so that his pressure levels can stabilize.  Sally also mentioned that he needs prayers that he would not get an infection while everything else is going on.

All this being said, I’m drawn back to God’s promises and what He tells us in the Bible.  Tonight, I found Psalm 107:19-21 to be a great comfort.  I know that God saves.  I know that His grace is sufficient for all that Michael needs.  So tonight, please pray for God’s grace in Michael’s pressure levels.  That He would indeed save and heal and rescue.  It’s a difficult time, but God is faithful and tonight, we can rest knowing that His strength can be made perfect in our weaknesses.


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One thought on “Sufficient”

  1. Sally and Family…I check in on FB daily to see how things are going. God will give you the strength to get through this. I know that in my heart. From what I have read about your son….he seems pretty amazing. You always were a gentle soul and I am sure God will take you through this journey. Tomorrow at church I will make a special prayer just for Michael and your entire family. Sending you love and positive wishes. xoxoxo

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