Your Paths Straight

“Michael loves ties,” Sally told us a few days ago.  “He’d wear them for work and for church.  Whenever I’d be shopping and Michael was with me, I always knew I could find him looking at the ties.”

And from this conversation, Tie Night at Youth Group was born.

Last night, we all wore ties in honor and support of our amazing friend Michael.


It seemed to be a great way to come together as Michael’s friends and Youth Group.


Everywhere you looked, people were looking pretty classy in their ties.





An I have to say that it was pretty fun to see everyone playing Dodgeball in ties.




We had a great night together.  After our game time, we headed back to the church to have a Youth Group Family Meeting.  We talked about how to deal with things that are hard.  Jeremy shared a few verses to encourage all of the kids that are struggling with knowing that their friend is hurting.  Afterwards, we broke up into groups to pray for Michael.  And I don’t think that there was anything that happened this week that was more heart warming than to see Michael’s friends stop to pray and ask God to help and to heal their friend.  Everyone was praying and we knew that it was the best thing we could do.


Michael continues to remain in critical condition.  He’s currently on a ventilator and in an induced coma.  He had a surgery today to continue to help alleviate his brain pressures.  When we were up at the hospital, we were able to hear from his neurologist that they are trusting that the surgery will help to maintain those levels.  She said the next step is for them to remain stable for 24 hours.  “It’s going to be a bumpy road,” she said right before she left.

And it reminded me of the need for us to continue to pray for our Michael.  Most of all, to continue to trust that God will bring healing and that He is the one who will make Michael’s bumpy paths straight and smooth.

Thanks so much for continuing to follow Michael’s story.  There is so much hope for his situation.  It’s going to have it’s bumps, but we know that Michael is in God’s hands that that we can truth him to bring healing and restoration to our amazing friend.


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4 thoughts on “Your Paths Straight”

  1. Prayers continue for your young friend and all those who are hurting as a result of his accident. We pray for comfort and peace for all of you.

  2. We are praying for Michael too, with all of you wonderful & loving young Friends of Michael.We are praying for his family as well, we have been lifelong friends with Michaels Bopchi. God Bless all of You. We loved the “ties”, and we know when Michael is able to respond to all his friends, he will love this expression of Love and your Prayers!

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