All Your Needs

I started my day by hosting 12 amazing moms in my home for my twice a month Tuesday morning Moms Group.  My friend Jayme brought us delicious breakfast sandwiches and the coolest box of coffee that I’ve ever seen.  We gathered closely together around my dining room table.  Our topic of the day was the importance of teaching our kids about God, his love and his great plan for their lives.  I felt an extra burden of responsibility to share this because we just never know what we’re going to go through in life.  But knowing these two things can be life-changing.  I know for fact that Michael knew these things and in just a few short days, I’ve seen the beauty of how it has affected his situation and the influence that he has been able to have on so many people.

When we went up this afternoon to visit, we gathered together in the ICU waiting room with quite a few of Michael’s family members.  Michael’s cousin Lauren had put together some incredible posters with pictures of Michael, his family and his friends.  We enjoyed looking through them, smiling at the memories of our dear friend that they brought up.  I know it will be a great source of encouragement for everyone and especially for Michael when he wakes up and is able to see it.


Sally again was so excited to share the encouragement that she had received that morning.    Today she had Michael’s other Bible (the amazing kid had two) and tucked away in this one, she found a card marking the book of Proverbs.  Checking out a book full of wisdom was just what her heart needed today.


She shared that once again, she was encouraged by a Joyce Meyer sermon that she saw on the hospital television.  A continuous theme in these sermons has been God’s timing.  And  it’s such an important one in these situations.  There seems to be a lot of waiting.  But God’s way is perfect and being encouraged to trust in his timing was again just what Sally needed to hear.


We talked a lot in the waiting room about Michael and especially got a smile out of one picture on Lauren’s poster in particular.  It was Michael in a Hotdog costume and the story of how that came to be.  Jeremy and I remembered it fondly because Michael brought the costume with him to Costa Rica this past summer.   You would not believe how excited kids were to chase around a tall guy dressed up like a hotdog.  When I was looking through pictures, I wasn’t able to find any of the hotdog ones, but I did find one from our last trip when Michael dressed up like a pizza.


I also found this gem from Breakaway, with Michael getting on his war paint before one of our games.  And I thought it fit in with todays updates.  Because Michael needs to start to have a spirit that will fight to get better.

Sally asked me to share some very exciting news that happened this morning.  One of Michael’s nurses had come in to do some reflex testing.  Up until this point, Michael had not shown really any response.  However, this morning during the testing, he responded with movement in both of his feet.  He also responded when the nurse pinched his arm.  Finally, the nurse asked Michael to open his eyes, and Sally shared that he did kind of squint and move his eyes a bit at this request.

And all of these things were wonderful to witness and we are praising God for this.

Sally also wanted everyone to know that Michael is in the hands of incredible doctors and nurses.  They are continually monitoring Michael and are there to act and perform procedures that will best help with his healing and his recovery.  In the past few days, Michael’s levels have been up and down and we are just so thankful that the doctors are responding to this and doing all they can in helping Michael’s brain so that it can heal as best as possible.


Michael continues to have things that he needs as he heals.  And these are the things that we want to pray for.  We want to continue to pray for his internal injuries, which are healing well.  The doctors do not think that he will need any surgery on his fractured pelvis and are happy with how everything is doing from his prior surgeries.  There is a need for continued prayer for Michael’s brain and the injuries that it sustained.

And there was just one last thing that Sally wanted to share.  She and her family have been overwhelmed by the desires of friends, family and our community to be there for her family and for Michael.  They have such gratitude for everyone in this way.  She told me that people are asking what they can do to help.  For now, Michael definitely needs all the rest that he can get so it might be best for visitations to happen later when his levels are more stable.  They are also doing well for meals for the time being.  So what she really asked for and what will most help Michael was…


Please continue praying.  It’s the best and most helpful that that Michael and his family needs right now.

God knows Michael’s needs.  And He will continue to meet them.  So let’s continue to keep Michael in our prayers and pray that God will continue to bring strength and comfort and healing in this time.  Sally and her family would be most grateful for your continued prayers.


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3 thoughts on “All Your Needs”

  1. I don’t know Michael, but I feel like I do by reading all the posts on Facebook. I have been praying for him and his family. Hoping everything goes well for Michael. God has a plan for him.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with Michael and his family . Keep the hope. 20 years ago my cousin was exactly where Michael is . He’s 45 years old now !

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