My Strength and My Shield

Walking into Michael’s room today, we were greeted by his mom Sally.  Again, she shared that she had been encouraged, by not one, but two different sermons that she had watched on the hospital television.  It’s been so incredible to see that throughout this tragedy, she has been drawn closer to God and has been growing stronger because of it.  She showed me notes that she had written down as she listened.  And as I read her notes, I could clearly see that God was giving her exactly what she needed to hear.


Micheal is incredibly strong in his faith.  And Sally shared that she wanted to do and know more about the Bible and God throughout everything.  So she had Sarah (Michael’s sister) bring his Bible up to the hospital.  She told us that as she was flipping through, she found this ribbon.  She couldn’t figure out what it meant, but then was drawn to read the chapter of the Bible that it marked.  And her heart was encouraged.  Again, she read words that brought hope and comfort to her soul and she was so excited to share this with us and we too were excited to hear it.


Our visit was good.  With as much anxiety that this whole situation has brought, I have to say that I find the most peace being able to be at the hospital.  And I really do think Michael is looking a bit better each time we see him.  While we were in the room, the trauma doctor stopped in.  He shared it would be important for Michael to rest in these coming days.  Again, we praise God that Michael’s internal injuries are doing well.  But today, his levels were up and down and it seems like the best thing for him is that he is able to rest so that his body can continue to heal.  We are praying for great healing with Michael’s brain traumas and this is the area that continues to remain unknown.  I take great comfort in knowing though, that God knows.  He can heal and He will continue to have his hand on Michael’s life.

Thinking of Michael today, I’m continually brought back to how strong Michael was in his faith and how much he loved God and lived his life to serve Him and so many others.  Michael had the best way of being a friend to everyone and making everyone feel as though they were important, because they were.  He was a bit unassuming, but able to so clearly project to others just how much he cared about them.  So many people in our community have been touched by Michael and his story and even as he lays in his hospital bed unaware of all of this, he continues to have a great influence.  I truly believe that this is all a part of a bigger story and that Michael will continue to do all of these things once he is able.


So we’ll continue our prayers for Michael and his family.  For patience and comfort in all of this time of waiting.  Psalm 28:7 tells that God is our strength and our shield.  It’s a great comfort to know that God will be strong for Michael and he will protect him.  I know for fact that Michael trusts in God and I also know that God will continue to help him.

And for anyone who is able, Michael does have a GoFundMe Page.  In addition, gifts can be sent through Eastport Bible Church, who will set aside a fund for Michael and his family as well.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all at: or 631-448-1100.

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