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I feel like I’m learning a lot these days.  A lot about how it feels to walk along side of friends that are hurting.  A lot about how to breathe through the tough news and how to focus on the joy in the good news.  And a lot about finding the best ways to help in an incredibly difficult situation.  And while these are not the most fun things to learn in life, they is definitely value in walking this path and in learning these very hard lessons.

Today’s update would include a 15 passenger church van, quite full of friends who all wanted to go and see Michael.  We loaded up right after church with a quick stop at McDonalds on the way.


A few of them stopped in the hospital gift shop to find this gem.  Because nothing best says we love you like a “Get Whale Soon” balloon.  The love that these kids have for Michael makes me smile.


For much of the visit, they all waited patiently, crowded together in a small room off of the ICU.  Ever so often, a Michael story would brighten up the room and the difficulty of the situation seemed to lighten for just a bit.


A nurse who was visiting Michael told me that it makes a difference for patients in these situations, to be surrounded by a great big group of friends and family.


And again, that is definitely one of the strong things that Michael has going for him.  The kid is incredibly well loved by so many people.


I was so touched when I got a few minutes to talk with Sally and she was excited to show me this pad of paper.  She spent part of the morning listening to a Charles Stanley sermon and was able to get such encouragement from his preaching and his words.  Colossians 3:15 stood out the most, saying “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.”


To many, there isn’t much about this situation that would warrant peace.  The days are slowly progressing, and amidst the numbers and the levels and the information from doctors and nurses, there is a roller coaster of emotions with every bit of information that they pass on.

To update those who haven’t heard.  Michael’s surgery yesterday went well.  He doesn’t have any more bleeding in his abdomen and his injured diaphragm looks good.  Miraculously, as far as his bone structure, he only suffered a crack in his pelvis.  He had a trach put in and will start to wake when the doctors feel that his injuries have healed well enough.

The very biggest concern is again, with the extent of his brain injuries.  These hours are crucial and prayers for this are critical as it’s our greatest hope that Michael will make a full and beautiful recovery from this horrible accident.

And again.  It would seem hard pressed to find peace knowing that this is what Michael is up against.  But we love and serve a God who promises peace in the midst of undeserving circumstances.  A God who promises a peace that will pass all understanding, moving on to guard our heart and minds in Christ Jesus.  And this is the peace that we pray will continue to rule in the hearts of Michael’s family, friends and loved ones.


So please keep praying dear friends.  Please keep Michael and his family in your thoughts and prayers as we start a new week.  I’m also excited to share that another way that we can help is to contribute to Michael and his family through a GoFundMe Page that was set up today.  So many already have shared and this is a beautiful way to show our love and support for Michael.  The money will go to help Michael and his family with the various medical expenses from his accident.  Please share or contribute as you are able and thank you so much for all that you all are doing.


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  1. Exactly why I scour FB tonite. From upstate, we are lifting Michael, his family and friends all to the throne of grace, knowing that God is already working towards resolution that will bring the greatest glory. Be strong a courageous! Already I can see many folk affected by Michael’s life.

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