So Much Love…

So if there is one thing I’ve learned in the last 36 hours, it’s that there is just so much love out there for our friend Michael Einfeldt.  And it makes sense.  Because when you love life and you love others and most importantly, you love Jesus, you will most certainly make an impact on not only your family and friends, but on your community and in the world.


Speaking of the community and the world.  Over the past 36 hours, there have been so many people praying for Michael in not only our town and our state, but in states all over the country and countries all over the world.  It’s been quite a phenomenal thing.

This morning at 9:00am at Eastport Bible Church, we gathered to pray for our friend.  The turnout of love and support was amazing.  It was extra impressive, since our window to get the word out was pretty small (the idea was conceived last night by a few of our amazing youth group students and Michael’s close friends).  So to see the faces of so many of Michael’s friends and loved ones at 9am… it was truly a beautiful thing.  Together, we held hands and we offered heart felt prayers full of love and emotion for the protection and healing of our amazing friend.

And I have to say that I truly, truly believe that prayer is powerful.

Tonight I read in Psalms 107:28-31

“Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he brought them out of their distress.  He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.  They were glad when it grew calm and he guided them to their desired haven.  Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love.”

God hears our prayers.  God most certainly is hearing the prayers that so many of us have offered up for Michael.  And tonight, I’ll continue to ask for those prayers.

We were able to go and see Michael for the first time today.  We gathered a group of Michael’s friends and took another ride up to Stony Brook.  And while it was good to be able to see our friend, it made me realize that there are just so many things to pray for.  I thought I’d share a few of those prayer requests here.  So dear friends, together, could we please pray for…

Sally and Mike, Michael’s parents.  As a parent myself, I think we could all agree that seeing our children hurt would be our greatest heartbreak.  Prayers for strength and peace and comfort for them through this time would be greatly appreciated.

Prayers for Sarah and Katelyn would be wonderful as well.  These girls sure love their brother.  They are one of the closest sibling groups I’ve ever seen and since Michael is hurting, they are all hurting.

Prayers for the Stony Brook Doctors and Nurses who are working with Michael.  He’s got a few specific teams that are looking out for him.  We just want to continue to pray for wisdom for them as they treat Michael’s various injuries.

And finally, for Michael.  He ended up having his surgery this evening.  His poor body needs so much prayer.  Many of his injuries were internal and the doctors seem hopeful about those, though the recovery may be long.  His body will need time to heal and the doctors will make sure that he has the time he needs before moving to the next step.  The big unknown right now though, is the extent of his brain trauma.  They are closely monitoring it, but it will take time.  This, of course is a great concern for Michael’s family.

So in the mean time, we can pray?  The Bible says that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective and right now, Michael needs prayers that are both powerful and effective.

His family is so appreciative of the love and support that so many have shown.  We will plan to go and see him again tomorrow, and I will share updates as they are available.

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8 thoughts on “So Much Love…”

  1. Prayers continue that Micheal remains strong and fights with all his strength. Prayers for his family and medical team and all his friends

  2. Today the Post Office Staff, Fireman, King Kullen Staff, Bagel Store, School Teacher were asking about Michael and said they are praying for him. Great lil Town we live in here.

  3. Praying for Michael!! May god hold him in his hands and make him better!! We pray for his family to have strength.. Michael is in our hearts and prayers!!

  4. Praying for Michael and his whole family. Can’t imagine what all are going through right now. Please give him strength to pull through without having major difficulties. I will continue to include him in my daily prayers. May God watch over him and give him the strength he needs.

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