Pray for Michael

This is Michael Einfeldt, on the very first day that we met him.  His sister Katelyn had been a part of our Youth Group and she invited her little brother to come and check it out.  It was our annual Youth Group Christmas Party and we were playing Yankee Swap and that would explain how Michael ended up in a beautiful pair of Size 9 Ladies Dress Shoes.  Well, kind of.


From then on, it just seemed kind of like Michael had always been a part of our Youth Group family.  He joined us for his first Breakaway Weekend Retreat.


He hung out in our yard playing Duck, Duck Goose.


And he even showed up at our Sunday night Small Groups.


And over the years, we watched Michael make friends.


A lot of friends.


Because I think we all knew that there was something special about this kid.


In life, there are times that you meet a certain kind of person.


He tends to have fun doing pretty much whatever.


He’s got a great smile and an even greater personality.


He’s easy going and great to be around.


And for so many of us


Michael has been that person.  He’s been the guy we all love.  I can’t recall the number of times that he’d walk into Youth Group and we’d all shout his name, a bit happier for simply having him there.  When Michael was in Youth Group (He left last fall for his first year of college) he was not just a student, but a Leader as well.  The best thing about Michael was his love for Jesus and his desire to serve and to love others.


It’s also quite possible that we just wanted to be around him for his great fashion sense.


Or maybe his ability to play Thunderball in a dress shirt and tie.  It’s hard to tell what we love most about Michael, but these were definitely a few of the things.


Jeremy and I have been extremely blessed to have gotten to spend so much time with Michael.  As I briefly pulled pictures tonight to write up this post, I realized that during his high school years, he was around for pretty much every Youth Group event or activity.

We had countless nights at the beach


Trips to serve in the City


We even took him to Costa Rica.


And we had some great Target trips as well.


And I write this all to say that tonight and in the days and weeks to come, Michael is going to need our prayers.  It’s literally breaking my heart to know that as I type this, Michael is up at Stony Brook Hospital.  Early this morning, Michael was in a terrible car accident.  On his way to meet up with a friend, he hit black ice and his car crashed driver side into a utility pole.


Our fun-loving, compassionate, kind, smart and wonderful friend is hurting and struggling and I’m just asking and praying with all of my heart that God would heal and be with our amazing friend Michael.


Michael is so incredibly dear to our hearts and I just want to ask that we could pray for him and for his family.


Speaking of his family.  They are so incredibly wonderful.  Over the years, we got to see and love the close bond that he has with them.  And they too need our prayers as well.


So please, dear friends and community.  Would you please pray for Michael?  He is in stable condition right now and has an incredible team of doctors and nurses who are all working hard to make sure that he will be okay.  Most of his family is with him, though his sweet sister Katelyn and her husband Luke are home in Canada, loving and praying for Michael from afar.  He will have upcoming surgeries and a long road to recovery ahead and he and his family would greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


Also, for those of you who are able, we will be holding a time of prayer tomorrow morning at Eastport Bible Church at 9:00am.  Everyone is welcome and we just want to do all that we can to come alongside of our dear friend Michael Einfeldt and his family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please share it with others who will be  able to pray for Michael as well.

*I’ve been able to share followups to this blog on how Michael is doing.  You can see them at these links:
So Much Love  and   How to Help and My Strength and My Shield

I will do my best to keep posting updates as they are available.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

48 thoughts on “Pray for Michael”

    1. Prayers for his Doctors for God’s guidance and a complete recovery. Prayers for the family to keep their Faith and know that God has a plan for all of us. So Keep your Faith as God answers our prayers.

  1. When Michael first started at the country club
    I used to call him ‘little Mikey Einfeldt.’ He was by far the sweetest guy. Not only was he a sweetheart but he was a genuinely nice person. I always asked for him to work with me and he really was the sweetest kid. I hope that everything works out and he pulls through. My thought and prayers to all of his family. If there is anything I can do I will be there.

  2. Please Lord carry Michael through his surgery and send Blessings to him and his family in their time of need..AMEN

  3. Heavenly Father, Lord I praise You I love You for being our Savior and for the privilege You give us to come to your throne of Grace with our praises and Petitions. Lord we lift Your son Michael to You the Great PHysician capable of healing with one touch of Your robe. Lord we pray for a miraculous recovery in Michaels young body. That you would restore him. We pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses. Please ease his pain. We pray that you would bring peace to his family. Lord we pray that Michael would look back on this and see You held him in the palm of You hand. That You would be glorified through this accident in Jesus name we pray AMEN!

  4. May God hold you close. You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are strong …. your love of life and making others laugh is who you are, so dont give up keep fighting. You can do this Michael.

  5. My prayers go out to him for a speedy recovery. Although I’ve never met Michael he must be an incredible person to have impacted so many.

  6. Good luck sending prayers to this young man, who I have never met. We pray that the road you now travel is full of love, happiness and fun of course.

  7. I will pray for Michael and family as long as it takes to bring him back to his family and friends, GOD please keep Michael and shinning Smile in your strength and unconditional love make Michael come home 🏠 as he is a great young man and needed, so very much in gods name Amen.

  8. Michael. And his family will be in my prayers. I know what you are going through. My son Mike was in a very bad car accident in 2005 and all the prayers were heard. God and the doctors worked on him and saved his life, after a terrible head trauma. So we will believe God will heal and bring Michael back to all of you. God Bless Phyllis

  9. This is probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve read. Thank you, Lord, for touching hearts through this young man, and he ministry his friends are doing by telling his story. Please heal all the wounds, seen and unseen, and let your will be done in this matter, Jesus, so that greater glory of you may be in all of these people’s lives. Thank you for your compassion, love and comfort. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  10. Our prayers are with him. My son was in a terrible accident this past May and the Stonybrook surgeons and doctors literally saved his life. He is in great hands.

  11. ” Michael” is the patron saint of soldiers. May Michael fight like the soldier he was meant to be. Our prayers are with him as he finds the strength to recover. We are praying for his family that they too stay strong for him and for his doctors that they make all the right decisions.

  12. Michael , I am not much of a prayer , but for you me friend I will say something 🙏 You get better you have your family and friends and strangers and people who don’t even know you Praying for you ,but from the pictures we could see your fine Young man , I will be following your story, I hope the best for you🚍

  13. Mike has that spark that quietly lights up a room his sense of humor and wit keep you smiling he makes our world a better place I pray for him

  14. I don’t know you or your family but I pray that your recovery is one of Gods miraculous fetes. Your mission on this earth is not finished, you are one of many soldiers that will inspire others to believe in God almighty. I pray your recovery is speedy and in full physical perfection. By his stripes claiming this in Jesus holy name. God place a hedge around all those involved in helping you heal and who love you. Amen.

  15. God heal you and hold you in his hand and provide every doctor with the knowledge to restore you to the wonderful young man that is told about here. God Bless you and your family

  16. I don’t know this young man but i can relate to what happen to him,prayers are on the way for him and family!

  17. Praying for you Michael for a complete recovery! I don’t know you, but grew up in Sag Harbor for the first 53 years of my life, not too far from Eastport, be well, rest in the knowledge that the ” Great Physician ” will heal you!

  18. Dear God please guide surgeons hands and may your presence be with Michael and touch him and heal him. .in Jesus Name thank you Lord.

  19. Hello Michael, I’ve been following your journey and am always including you & your family in my prayers 🙏🏻. May you grow stronger everyday & get through this. We are all behind you and support you. Continued prayers & love coming your way!! #POSITIVEFAITHMIRACLE

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