50 Year 4 Square Tournament

I’ll be honest.  I’m not even sure I can adequately put into words how amazing tonight was.  But I’ll do my very best.

We have served in ministry at Eastport Bible Church for thirteen years.  And over those years, we’ve met a lot of amazing kids.  And tonight, many of them were gathered together, all in one room and it was incredible.


The reason?  Jeremy’s genius idea of a 50 Year 4 Square Tournament.  With many of our college students home for Christmas break, the timing couldn’t have been better.  Jeremy advertised for it a bit, not knowing who would be able to join us.  But from the beginning through the end, we filled up our church basement with so many kids that we’ve known and loved and were able to see grow up over the years.

What follows, are a lot of pictures from our epic evening.  These will probably appear as many pictures of many people.  But for us, these pictures represent our past, present and future at Eastport Bible Church.  Tonight we saw grown men who started out at Jr. Highers when we first came.  We had about three or four “generations” of former and present youth group students represented.

And my heart could not have been more full.


The 4 Square was pretty epic.  Because when the main attraction in your hundred year old church is the basement with the taped off lines, the kids in your Youth Group will become pros at this simple game.


And while it was fun to watch the younger kids, it was awe inspiring to watch the young men who were now legends of the game.



Again, I just have to say that it was a fantastic night of 4 Square.


And in the end, these two battled it out in the Championship Round.


Winners were crowned for all three of the age group divisions.


And runner ups were credited as well.


But in the end…


Ben Tuttle took home the title and the glory as reigning champion of the 50 Year 4 Square Tournament.  He told me that he would put the trophy next to the All American one that he won for his College in Cross Country this year.  I can imagine, they were about equal (just kidding).


And after the tournament?


Just lots of catching up with the amazing kids that we’ve known and loved over the years.


The biggest thanks to everyone who came out for our 50 Year 4 Square Tournament.  As per the name, the next one will be in 50 years.  Or, next year considering it was such a great success.  We absolutely loved seeing everyone tonight and thanks for making our event so incredibly amazing!


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