ESM Stuff a School 2015

This is our Jr. and Sr. High School.  And walking through these doors today, I could not have been prouder to be a part of this amazing community.


Every year, ESM hosts their annual Stuff a School.  Various classes and clubs unite to collect a variety of items to help a variety of groups and organizations throughout our community.


The ways in which students could participate included collecting donations of gifts, food, clothing, books and blankets amongst other items that were given.


Many of the items were on display in the front of the school.  And I was almost in tears seeing the amazing collection of items that would be donated to help those in need.


These displays represented the hard work and dedication of students who care.  Of students who chose to spend this Christmas and Holiday Season thinking not only of themselves, but of others.  Seeing everything that was collected was inspiring and just so incredibly beautiful to me.


And as with years past, Eastport Bible Church was chosen to be on the receiving end of many of these gifts.  We have about 21 families that were cared about and cared for.  Donations, food, gifts and gift cards were collected to help these families and to create a beautiful and memorable Christmas for them this year.


A great group of students took time our of their day to come and help load up our church bus.


And while we collected our donations, a wonderful group of band and choir students blessed us with beautiful Christmas songs and carols.


To the faculty and students and staff of Eastport South Manor Jr. and Sr. High School.  Well done.  Today, you created a beautiful thing in your school.  You gave your students an opportunity to share and to give, and they did not disappoint.  So many groups and people in our community will be blessed this Christmas through your hard work and your great efforts.  As a member of this community and a parent of children who will soon be in your school, I thank you and I could not be prouder of all that you accomplished today.


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