Children’s Christmas Play 2015

Yesterday evening, we held our annual Children’s Christmas Play.  Many children from both our church and our Hangtime program had spent the past month working hard to prepare for that night.  In the minutes before the play, the children waited anxiously and excitedly for everything to begin.


Miss Emma started out the evening with a beautiful Christmas song.  I was so proud of the confidence she showed as she sang “Heaven Everywhere” by Francesca Battistelli.


The play this year was called, “The Perfect Christmas Gift.”  We joined four shoppers who had just finished up their Christmas shopping at the Eastport Mall.  Erin in particular was asking her friends to help her find the perfect Christmas gift.


They all had their opinions and ideas about Christmas and gifts.  I think that as an audience, we could all relate to Emma’s fun fashion ideas, Marc’s Christmas complaints and Nick’s online Christmas shopping addictions.


Christian even came by to try to convince Erin that the perfect Christmas gift was a product called “Stuff in a Box.”


He was pretty convincing, but Erin wasn’t buying it.


On a side note, I’m so proud of our actors.  They worked hard throughout the month, acting together and memorizing their lines.


They all did a phenomenal job last night and I couldn’t have been prouder.


After watching a funny Elf Yourself video that Nick created, the time came for our Christmas Nativity.


The children all did a beautiful job singing and acting out the story of Jesus’ birth.


Hannah did a wonderful job as our Narrator and read through the Christmas story beautifully.


The angels were wonderful as well.


And the amazing Sara ended our night singing a solo in the song, “When Love Came Down.”  She has the voice of an angel and did a fantastic job.  Our beautiful Nativity helped Erin to remember that Jesus is the perfect Christmas gift.  Sure, the presents from the Mall or Amazon are nice.  And I’m sure we’ll all be buying some Stuff in a Box this year as well.  But the true gift that we all need and that will last forever was the gift of a Savior, born in a manger.


A huge, huge, huge congratulations to everyone who came together to make our Children’s Christmas Play a great success!


We are so proud of each child and so thankful for the many Hangtime leaders and helpers who all contributed their time and effort to this beautiful night!


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