A Cool Vacuum Story

I have a really cool vacuum story to tell you.  It all started off the year before we bought this beauty.  The vacuum that my sister has gotten me for our wedding had died.  And I suddenly found myself in a cycle of buying and returning vacuums.  Because there are a lot of bad vacuums out there and I really, really wanted to get a good one.  I finally hit the jackpot, when I spied an open box Dyson at Best Buy.  It was mostly in our price range, and I could not have been happier.


I used and loved that vacuum for many, many years.  Sure, a few years ago, for some reason it started to sound like a screaming airplane engine.  Since it still did the job, I ignored it and went on with life.  But tonight, it seemed to hit the point of no return.  The little whirling bar on the bottom melted off on one end and that was that.  I tried desperately to look up a warranty, but since I didn’t save the receipt from forever ago, I was out of luck.

I talked with Jeremy when he got home.  We knew it was kind of an inconvenient time to have to purchase a new vacuum with Christmas just around the corner.  But we also knew we’d figure it all out and it would somehow work out.

I posted a little complaint on Facebook.  Somehow it made it feel a little better to just put it out there.


And then, the greatest thing happened.

But first, a side story.

Sometimes you just never know who you’re going to meet in this life and how they will come to be an incredible blessing to you.

Ellee met her friend Michael in Preschool.  They hung out and played together and at the end of the year graduated together.


The next year, they were in the same Kindergarten class together.  Ellee would often talk about her friend Michael and the fun things he would do.


They also ended up being in First Grade together.


That was the year that we hosted a small Art Club at our house.  Michael came to create awesome art.


And a few times, he just came to hang out.  One afternoon, he and Ellee entertained themselves with a mere bucket of water…


And a pink umbrella.  I can still hear her giggles of delight and smile at the  sight of them having so much fun with simple things.


And throughout all of those interactions, I was so blessed to get to know Michael’s mom Emily.  I knew right away that she had a beautiful heart and was a very awesome person.  We got along well and enjoyed watching our kids grow up together.


Michael and Ellee also rocked Second Grade together.


And at the end of this summer, when they found out that for the first time they would not be in the same class, they both had the same reaction.  A little disappointed, but mostly fine since they knew they were friends and would always have that bond.  Four years in the same class will do that for you, I suppose.


So what does my vacuum breaking and Ellee’s friend Michael have to do with anything?  Well, it all ties together with a message that I received from Michael’s mom Emily about a half hour after I posted.  I sat down to my computer to find that Emily had written.  She shared that she saw my post, she had just gotten a new vacuum and had a perfectly fine working one that I was welcome to have.  And you would not believe that joy that it brought to my heart!  It was such an answer to a prayer that I hadn’t even breathed yet.  And it was such a testimony to the beautiful heart that she has.  That she would see my silly post and be so inclined to want to help made me so happy.


And it’s a great thing to start off this Christmas Season with.  The idea of thinking of others and how we can help them, for me, is at the very heart of how I want to celebrate Christmas.  The giving over the receiving and the reaching out to those around us, sharing love and friendship and even vacuums.  Thank you so much Emily, for your beautiful heart and for being so kind and thoughtful.  It was a huge blessing to my heart and I am so very thankful to you!

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

One thought on “A Cool Vacuum Story”

  1. Just a side note to Gods blessings, I have that same vacuum love it, yup yard sale, 20 bucks blessings come in so many ways. Scratch that off your list 👍🏻

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