Today was our last full day in Prague.  But like its predecessors, it was a fully great one.  We started out with a little souvenir shopping, because I am a huge fan of finding all sorts of tchotchkes to bring home to our kids.  Most of the gifts we’ve brought them over the years last a full day or so, before they are forgotten and shoved in a drawer.  But for this trip, I really think we found some fun and useful gifts that they will live.  Case in point, we walked into the adorable store pictured behind me and found the coolest bike bell for Ellee’s beloved bike.  Please don’t tell her.  They even gift wrapped it for us for free, instantly becoming my new favorite French store in Prague.


As we walked along, we found this guy, who was making up beautiful bubbles for everyone to enjoy.


I tried to snap a picture and it kind of worked.  Because sometimes you miss the best shots, but it’s still a fun memory and it’s still okay.


We decided to go and check out the Astronomical Clock, which is Prague famous and right by our favorite Christmas market.  For about five dollars each, we got to check out the tower.  We could have taken the elevator, but instead decided to walk up, you know, to get a little exercise in.  Jeremy’s watch calculated that on our trip, we walked over 70 miles which was pretty cool and hopefully balanced out all of the fun food that I ate.


As we walked, we learned a little bit of the history of the tower and it unfortunately included a little bit of Nazi take over.  The history of World War II is so strong here and it’s been interesting learning about and seeing things like this.


I’ll be honest.  The climb was a little bit dizzying when we finally reached the top.  But I have to admit, the view was absolutely spectacular.


A lovely picture of the city I love.


Jeremy, fearlessly leaning out to get the perfect shot.



While we were in the tower, the clock chimes went off (they do every hour) and everyone on the ground stopped to look up to see the display.  I have to say that after everything, it was a great experience and a wonderful way to see Prague.  I also have to say that I was really glad once we come down (we took the elevator) and were on the ground again.


After the Tower tour, we walked back to Field.  Because when you get a few  chances to eat at the most wonderful restaurant ever, you take them.  I’m pleased to share that our second time around, did not disappoint.  We both opted for the fancy Leek cream and veal ravioli soup.  It was absolutely amazing.


We both ordered the same entrees, because you just don’t mess with perfection.  And they were both wonderful again and we could not have been happier with our second experience at Field.


The afternoon was spent wandering in search of the John Lennon wall.


We were pretty happy when we finally found it.

IMG_9443 (1)

And then we circled back around, just in time to see the Clock Tower one more time.


We also got one last chimney cake, which the Czechs affectionately called trdelnik.


We ended up eating at a cool restaurant called Bad Jeff’s Barbecue.  It had great ambience and had pretty delicious food as well.

IMG_9451 (1)

Also, it had the greatest dessert I’ve ever eaten.  It was this amazing Bread Pudding with caramel and a homemade marshmallow.  It was the perfect way to end our last day.


Afterwards, we hopped on the Metro and headed back to our hotel.

IMG_9457 (1)

And even though it was our last day in Prague, it certainly wasn’t our least.  This vacation overall has been amazing and now that it’s coming to a close, I can look back on it and be grateful for all of the wonderful experiences we’ve had.  I am also grateful to be going home as well, because I miss our kids, and am looking forward to getting back into our everyday lives as well.  We head out tomorrow and will be on a plane to Amsterdam and from there home to New York.  We are praying for safe travels and can’t wait to get home to our family.  Thanks so much for following our journey!


Written by lauraherr8

I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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