Prague-ably my favorite city

Jeremy and I spent lots of time today discussing how Prague was our new favorite city.  After our second full day here, we’ve really come to love nearly everything about Prague.  It has the best parts of all of our past favorite cities and we are absolutely loving our time here.

Speaking of today.  It all started in King Wenceslas Square.  He’s the same Good King Wenceslas from the Christmas song, so that was kind of cool.


He also had a pretty cool statue that we enjoyed checking out.


After a little sightseeing, we found an alley and set the camera timer to take this picture.  It was actually a bit warmer today, which was a nice change.


And then we headed off to eat a fun lunch at a restaurant called Field.  It was the 6th top rated restaurant out of a few thousand listed on Trip Advisor, so we had high hopes it would be a good one.  And when the bread arrived looking like this, we knew we were in for some fun.


We decided to do the Business Lunch which included an appetizer, a main dish and desert.  The appetizer was this and was totally delicious.  I probably couldn’t tell you any one part of it, besides the radishes, but every bite was a bright taste explosion in my mouth and it was fantastic.


I ordered the mussels with vegetables, fries and parsley mayonnaise for my main entree.  I’ll be honest.  I didn’t know that mussels could be that big or that tender.  Every bite was perfectly balanced and it was probably the best dish I’ve ever had, no exaggeration.

IMG_9234 (1)

Jeremy was equally delighted with his Chicken Supreme, chanterelles, fave beans and artichoke pie.  We were positively thrilled with everything about Field restaurant and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Prague.


Their bathroom was even fancy.  Jeremy said that there was wheelbarrow in the mens room.  The women’s room didn’t have a wheelbarrow, but it did have complimentary amenities.  I used a bit of the hairspray since I forgot to bring some with me and it just added that much more delight to our fun lunch at Field.


The price for lunch for lunch was comparable to Applebees.  Which was amazing and so fun, considering the high quality of both the food, the location and the service.  Field could not come with higher recommendations and there is a good chance that we might have to visit it again before we leave.


After lunch, we crossed the Charles Bridge once more but this time headed up to the Prague castle.


The views from the top were breathtaking and gave a perfectly gorgeous layout of the city.


Once inside the castle, we stopped to admire the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral.



Outside of the grandeur of the Cathedral, was a darling straw Nativity, that I loved.


We enjoyed our tour around the grounds of the castle.  We stopped inside a few of the rooms of the palace, and then enjoyed walking through other buildings and areas of interest.  Jeremy and I both had fun shooting a real crossbow and I’m proud to say that my Dad’s shooting instructions kicked in when it was my turn (I hit the 80 twice and the 100 once with my three shots).


And when we were done, we stopped to catch a few more pictures from the top of the castle.  Well, Jeremy got pictures of the castle, and I got a picture of us.  Because as I’ve mentioned before, on our vacations, he is the one with the camera and I love capturing him capture the amazing things we see.


And at the end of the day, we walked around enjoying this.


And in a fun turn of events, on our way back we caught up with a the trip friends that we made.  They were coming back from a tour and so we caught up on our adventures and then wished them well as they headed off to dinner and we headed back to our hotel.


And that about sums up our day.  It was definitely a great one and has made me realize that Prague really is my new favorite city.  Thanks for stopping by, and goodnight for now!


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