Christian’s First Cross Country Race

So yesterday, our entire family woke up early to drive an hour out to Wantagh to cheer for Christian and his first Cross Country race.  This past Spring, Christian (and then later Ellee) joined a Running Club called the ESM Land Sharks.  Christian seemed to be phasing out of soccer and we were looking for something to replace it.  The Land Sharks has started up the year before as a track team for 3rd-8th graders and it seems like it might be a good fit.

With practices a few times a week and different events here and there, I was pretty much instantly a fan.  I personally love running, as much as any normal 34 year old woman can love it and was really hoping it would be a good fit for our kids.  I love to have them be active and love that running is something that they can always do.  And amazingly, the Land Sharks program ran from the Spring through the Summer and into the Fall.  It’s been the perfect opportunity for our kids to stay connected for a really long season.

Back to the race.  This past Saturday was the Long Island USA Track & Field Cross Country Championships.  And Christian and our amazing friend Erin were set to run in the 3K race.  Naturally, they started out a bit nervous.  It was the first official race for both of them.


Of course, we families stood on the sidelines, equally excited and nervous for them as well.


Mostly though, it was just exciting to see everyone.


The took their marks, and got set…


And then they were off.


We cheered them on as loudly and as best as we could.  Christian’s coach told me that it was probably the only Cross Country race that we would be able to see so well since it was two huge loops through an open park.


Christian did an awesome job.


He and Erin stayed close throughout the race.  Both worked beautifully hard and gave it their all.




And in the end, we were so incredibly proud of our son.  He worked hard and did well for his first official race.


A huge congratulations to Coach Corbett and all of the Land Sharks that ran yesterday!


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