Halloween 2015

It’s Halloween.  And ours got started around two this afternoon with a fancy up-do for Ellee and a camouflage paint job for Christian.


We took our traditional Halloween yard pictures.

2015-10-31_002 2015-10-31_003 2015-10-31_004 2015-10-31_005

And then set off to meet up for an afternoon of trick or treating with friends.


It should probably be noted that Christian and Kate have been trick or treating since they were three.

2015-10-31_007 2015-10-31_008 2015-10-31_009 2015-10-31_010

So you can imagine that my heart stopped a little when I really looked at this year’s traditional picture of them.  I can’t believe how big and amazing they have both gotten.  Sigh.


I’m happy to share that our kids are still of the age where they still ran from house to house.  All in all, we had a fantastic afternoon and according to my friend Kristin’s iPhone, we ended up walking a total of over 4 miles throughout the afternoon.  So, I thought I’d share a few pictures, some with commentary from our afternoon.


One of our Youth Group students was rocking a pretty sweet mask.


We had to stop and take a quick picture, because these Fall colors were absolutely amazing.


They enjoyed a break mid-trick or treating.

2015-10-31_015 2015-10-31_016 2015-10-31_017

Bless her heart, she ran pretty much the entire afternoon, and in her fancy shoes, no less.


Also, I just had to take a picture of these two, because they were just so stinkin cute.  I’m sure they’d understand.

2015-10-31_019  2015-10-31_021

Christian’s costume was solely gear that our friend Ellis gave him.  He started out as a regular soldier and ended the night as a Poncho soldier (his definition).  Again, it made me smile and want to hold on to these younger years that are slipping so quickly away.

2015-10-31_022 2015-10-31_023

And the end result?  366 pieces of hard earned candy.  Tonight I’m thankful.  For fun times with friends and great memories made.  Happy Halloween 2015!


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