Impromptu City Date

So yesterday morning, after we all woke up and realized we had a free Saturday, Christian suggested that we go to the City, so we did.  We caught the 10:05 train out of Ronkonkoma and were soon on our way.


When we got to the City, we were welcomed by Pope Francis.  Well, actually I mean, we were welcomed by a large painted building that was welcoming Pope Francis.  So, kind of the same thing, right?


We took off walking towards our first destination.  Which was Chipotle, because we were hungry.  It may seem silly that we would go all the way to New York City and eat Chipotle, but that is about just how much we love that place.


Afterwards, we ventured over to the High Line.  Which is this amazing public park built on a rail line above the streets of Manhattan.  It has gardens and grassy places and benches and was pretty much all over amazing.


It was a very peaceful and relaxing way to start out our day.


After the High Line, we descended into the depths of the City as we rode the Subway towards our next destination.


All the while, Ellee rocked her neon pink bag.  She bought it last January, under the fashionable influence of her Aunt Heather.  And all throughout the day, she opened and closed her bag, pulling out or tucking away treasures and it made me smile at our fun loving and fashionable little girl.


After our Subway ride, we emerged upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It’s another one of our City favorites.


For the next hour or so, we walked amongst hundreds of others, as we wandered through liturgical textiles, mummified Egyptians and  European art.


This was my favorite sculpture of the day.


It’s kind of funny, because while Ellee kind of enjoyed the museum, she mostly entertained herself with her new Mr. Squishy toy.  Apparently, it’s a favorite from the school store and all of Ellee’s friends have them.  Though a bit strange, it was mostly fine, because she was content and occupied.


And even though they may not totally appreciate it quite yet, I’m so thankful to be able to take our kids to such amazing museums.  The Met has been a favorite of Jeremy and I and we hope that our kids will someday learn to appreciate it as much as we do.


Moving on.


After the museum, Christian and Ellee both enjoyed street vendor hot dogs.  Because they are brave like that.


And then we wandered over to Central Park.  And while we walked, the most amazing thing happened.


We stumbled upon the Global Citizen Concert.  Granted, we were not part of the 60,000 that had tickets and had gathered to hear Coldplay, Pearl Jam and Beyonce.


But we were part of the 50 or so others that gathered behind the Belvedere Castle to sit and listen to Coldplay for free.  It was kind of awesome.


And when they were done, we smiled to ourselves for having gotten to enjoy such a treat and then we walked on.


Strolling through Central Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon was a pretty fantastic way to spend the weekend.


It still amazes me that such a beautiful and peaceful place can exist quietly in the middle of New York City.


Christian had a blast climbing every rock he found.  He got a lot of exercise and thankfully didn’t fall and crack his head open.

2015-09-27_021 2015-09-27_022

After Central Park, we walked over to Columbus Circle.  Jeremy stopped for a quick picture with his dream car.


And then we caught a healthy dinner at the World’s Greatest Whole Foods.  It was seriously so huge and awesome and healthy and we all found something that we enjoyed.


Afterwards, we strolled down to Times Square, checked out the M&M Store and then walked back to Penn Station to catch another train home.  Considering the fact that we walked over eleven miles all together, we were tired, but very happy with our fun family day.  I’m so thankful that we took the opportunity for an impromptu city date.  Amidst the busy, it’s good to get out and to spend time with the ones that you love the best.


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