Friends and Family Day

Yesterday, our friends Jayme and Ellis invited us to a Family and Friends Day at Francis S. Gabreski Air National Guard Base.  They had inflatables, carnival games and fun food for everyone and it was such a great afternoon.


My highlight was probably jousting with Christian.  For the record, I knocked him off his base and won and felt pretty awesome for having done so.  Because I’m pretty sure my days of winning at physical challenges are coming to an end as he gets older.  So I’ll take it when I can.


Jeremy also played a few rounds.  He won one, and Christian won one and they both had a great time as well.


I am so thankful for our family friendships.  Ellis and Jayme have been coming to our church over this past year and it’s been so fun to get to know them and their sweet girls.  Ellis is a Master Sergeant and serves at the Base as a Security Forces Training Manager (which is just so awesome), so on top of everything, we are so thankful for all of his hard work and for the sacrifices that he’s made for our great nation.


After jousting, we took a break from all of our fun to go and enjoy some hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch.


As we walked back to play a few games, it made me smile to see Christian watch out for sweet little Stella.


We all enjoyed ice cream and ice cream bars.


Especially this darling girl.  I suppose it’s really not fair of me to take pictures of her with chocolate on her face, but she was just so adorable that I couldn’t help myself.  We’re friends, so I don’t think she minded too much.


All in all, it was an incredibly fun afternoon.


We even saw a few of our favorite Hangtime friends.  They were also having a great afternoon at the Base.


At the end of our afternoon, we walked over to one of the big hangars and got to see a helicopter and some of the other large military planes.  And it was just so cool.


We really loved being able to walk inside one of the Search and Rescue planes and check everything out.


I’m pretty sure it was called an HC-130P.  It’s used for Search and Rescue missions and also to refuel other planes in the air.  Which is kind of amazing, if you ask me.


It was an awesome afternoon.  We had fun with our family and our friends and learned a lot too.  A huge thanks to everyone who participated in putting on such a fun Family Day for the amazing friends and families of the Gabreski Air National Guard Base.  We had a wonderful afternoon and we thank you for all that you do!


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