Last First Day

So, today would officially be Christian’s last first day of elementary school.  But I suppose if I focused on that, I would probably cry.  So instead, I’ll tell you that today was Ellee’s first day of Third Grade.  She woke up pretty happy and excited for what the new year would bring.


And it was also Christian’s first day of Sixth Grade.  He also woke up as excited for the first day of school as a ten year old gets.


Our family tradition is to make pancakes for the first day of school.  However, since we were out of our normal pancake mix, Mom broke out Nana’s recipe book and cooked Thin Pancakes (aka crepes) from scratch.  They were a pretty delicious way to start the day.


We sat down together to talk and eat our breakfast.  And I thanked God for our little family and for all of the blessings that He’s provided.


And soon enough, it was 8:45am, the time that we would go out and meet up with our wonderful friend Kate and her mom.  It’s always been our tradition to walk to school together.


Gayle was sweet to take time to take a quick family picture for us.  And yes, for those of you wondering, Christian is just about as tall as I am.  I think I still have about a quarter of an inch on him, which I will hold on to as long as I can.


We took time for a few more pictures.  Because that is what you do on first days of school.


I am so thankful and so proud of these two.  Just saying.


And I’m also proud of these two as well.  Friends since they were babies, and now both in Sixth Grade.  And even though I said I wouldn’t talk about it, I think it is crazy that this will be their last first day of elementary school.  I remember when Christian was a baby and I would drive past Eastport Elementary and think that it would be pretty cool if we were in Eastport long enough for him to go to school there.  And now, he’s finishing up his last year.  God has been so good to our family and we are so thankful to be exactly where He’s called us.


We had a few extra minutes to spare after pictures, so Christian took this time to show Kate his new bow.  He’s becoming quite the outdoorsman these days.


And then we were off.  We were early enough to snag a solo picture under the cool balloon arch that the school put up for the first day, which was fun, at least for me.  Because I’m not ashamed to be that crazy mom with a camera and while our kids let me, I’ll just keep snapping away.


I’m apparently not ashamed to take pictures of Kate and her friends either.  For the record, these girls are just wonderful and I love them all so much.  We have a great community of friends at Eastport and that also is a huge blessing.


And then it was time.  I think there was a little nervousness, even for the bigger kids as they got ready to start their first day.


But soon enough, they were all off.  Saying hi to friends and looking around to meet up with their teachers and classes.


After Christian walked in, we walked Ellee around the corner to meet up with her teacher and her class.  And I’m so happy to report that both of our kids had an amazing first day of school.  Both talked non-stop and were very happy with their teachers and classmates.  And so begins another year.  Another year of learning with wonderful teachers in a wonderful school.  Another year of so many things to be thankful for.


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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