Gone Fishing… and

So, starting this past Wednesday, we somehow got really hooked (pun intended) on Snapper fishing.  It started in the morning, when our beautiful friend Connie offered to take us out to a few special local spots.  Since Jeremy had to work, it turned out to just be the kids and I.


Connie has a pretty fast boat.  So we got to our destinations in a hurry.


We had a great morning.  Christian hooked the only fish of the morning though.  Connie, because she’s so fun, made the trip extra memorable for both kids by letting them each take a turn driving back.


And that was where it all started.  That evening, we returned to Connie’s dock to fish with our friend Chris.


Then, the following afternoon we were back with our friend Kate.  And in between fishing at the docks, our kids would talk about their fishing adventures non-stop.  Because these are the things that childhood memories are made of.


Then today, we were back again.  Mostly because Connie invited us to come over again to hang out with her sweet granddaughter.


I cannot say enough beautiful things about this amazing woman and her incredible heart.  She is a friend to all and so very generous.  She’s also very wise, and in the past few days of time spent at on her boat and at her dock, I’ve absolutely loved our conversations.  No matter what the topic, Connie always manages to include a little perspective, a little wisdom and a little encouragement.  It makes for a pretty big and powerful combination.


Again, our evening was spent on Connie’s dock.  Part of the reason for our fishing frenzy is that it’s prime Snapper season on Long Island.  It lasts for only the first few weeks of September, so we’re getting it all in while we can.


While I fished with Christian, Ellee spent time up at the pool with Connie’s granddaughter.


You’ve got to admire two little girls who don’t mind sporting fun goggles as they swim the afternoon away.


Jumps off the diving board were a huge hit for both girls.


A huge thanks to Connie and this sweet little one for their fantastic company and hospitality.


And in case you were wondering, our fishing was a huge success.


Thanks to fantastic bait from the Eastport Marina, diligence and a little patience, we ended up with 13 beautiful Snappers.


It was another incredible Summer evening, spent together, doing outdoor things that we love.  My heart is so full with appreciation and gratitude for the memories that are being made as our summer winds down to an end.


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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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