Running in Wet Sand

So if we’re all being honest, running is hard work.  And tonight I learned that running in wet sand is even harder work.


We took our boat out to the beach again this evening.  And being on the water and in the middle of the most beautiful sunset was so wonderful and therapeutic for our family.  And much needed.  Because the actual day part of today wasn’t the best.  These was arguing and bickering and angry words from me towards our kids.  And lately I’m wondering, if I’m the only mom with kids that are arguing over nothing these days?  Could I possibly be the only one who is secretly excited that school is starting up again soon?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love our kids and love summer days, but I think we’re all kind of ready for the routine of school and fall to start up again.

So back to the beach.  When we got there, it was as if you could just feel the pressures lift.  The kids ran off to play in the ocean, and Jeremy sat down to relax which gave me the opportunity to go for a beach run.  I took it eagerly, knowing that a little sweat and exercise was just what my end of summer crankiness needed.

I started out strong.  For about ten seconds.  It was then I realized that each running step I took was right into a wet and sinking sand.  And it was really hard.  And I kind of wanted to quit and turn around.  But I continued on.  And I wouldn’t say that it got easier, but I knew that I wanted to keep going.  I wanted to face this little struggle of doing something hard and slowly, but surely, overcome.

I kept thinking of this idea of struggle and doing hard things tonight when I read this article, about a football player and his wife who found out that the sweet baby girl that she was carrying, wouldn’t live much past her due date.  And my heart broke for them.  Because during my life, I have known strong and beautiful moms who have chosen to carry their babies knowing the same thing.  I’ve read their stories, and listened and cried to this song thinking of all of those precious mamas.  But it’s been incredible to see how God’s grace, goodness and truth have come from those struggles.  In seeing those stories, I saw that God can give you strength and grace to go through seemingly impossible days.  I also learned that life, no matter how small or how short is beautiful and important.

There will be hard times.  Way harder times than running in wet sand, I know.  But it’s just good to remember that good things come in our struggles.  We are strengthened.  We persevere.  We gain hope and perspective.  And whether your struggles are big or small, I hope you can find encouragement in knowing these truths.  I know that I do.

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I love Jesus, my Youth Pastor Husband and our two beautiful children. I'm a professional photographer and I love people, especially kids. My best days include time with my family, Hot Yoga and a Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone.

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